Presents for Men – Wooden Soldier Skittles Review

I was recently asked to do a review for and I’ve been meaning to publish this so here it is!

Initially when I heard the brand name I was a little skeptical, thinking it would (as the name implies) have gifts for men only but I was nicely surprised to find a collection of gifts for young boys and girls too! So here is what we got…
wooden skittles
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Nakd – Natural Balance Food Review – Sponsored Post

I was recently approached to do a review by the makers of Nakd, Natural Balance Foods. I had seen their product in a few places but never actually tried it – I did think their packaging looked really good though, catchy and colourful. So when asked if I’d like to review them, I figured why not? It’s another healthy snack brand and since I’m always on the look out for a new healthy snack I went for it!

Nakd snacks by Natural Balance Food
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The end of an era – Afternoon naps & a video!

Yes, like the title implies, it looks like my baby girl is no longer a baby any more…

I don’t want to give up afternoon naps because I get to do stuff during that time, heck sometimes even I take a nap as well! But it’s been a long time coming, we have to say goodbye! I’ve even gone and told the nursery to no longer push it – she’s always one of the last kids to drop off in her class because she fights it so much and sometimes she even wins!

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Hubby’s Birthday 2014 & Father’s day weekend

Last week was hubby’s birthday and it was father’s day too! So hubby had a really nice treat! It was a bit of a busy weekend as we had a wedding that weekend down south as well, so we drove down and also got to see some old family friends.

This year’s birthday cake we decided to go for Adventure Time which is a current favourite of hubbys! He said this has to be the best cake yet! I don’t know, the android cupcakes were pretty cool… The Chelsea cake? not so much!
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Getting ready for Father’s Day with – Sponsored post

Father’s day is something we used to celebrate in church, on a Sunday and that was it! Coming to be the UK, its been quite interesting to see its done a little different here, sort of like Mother’s day which was fun. Anjie made some cards from school, and I got a few lovely gifts from hubby – I felt loved and thankful to be a mother! My First Years Continue reading

The Joys of a Big Girl’s Bed & Ear Piercing issues

First of all, it’s June already! Half way through 2014!! Thank God for a great year thus far…

Just when I thought we had transitioned to a big girl’s bed fairly easily without any sleepless nights! Boy, was I wrong!

A few nights ago we had a serious rough night! It was like we went back to when Anjie was a baby again and staying up through the night (I still have nightmares about that period of our lives, lol!). She kept waking up, walking to our room and refused to sleep on her bed. Hubby said she was absolutely NOT going to sleep in our room so we had a lot of to and fro that night! We’d lie with her for a bit then try to get off the bed without waking her up! It was not pleasant at all!

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