Bye bye Iggle piggle and Hello Peppa Pig

In the Night Garden, Anjie’s one time favourite TV show, until Peppa Pig came along that is! It was honestly long overdue!

Hubby & I have always had our reservations about Iggle piggle and his gang, lets just say we didn’t really think they passed on much knowledge and life experience to their ‘fans’. I mean, Mr & Mrs Pontipine are terrible parents! Eating all kinds of sweets and ice cream while giving their kids runny grobbles (porridge I think? not even sure what that is!) and leaving their kids outside even when its time to go back home, absolutely unbelievable! The the characters don’t really talk! Upsy Daisy is all about me me me and is sooo in love with herself but don’t get me started!

Anyway, so we’ve moved to Peppa pig who is a bit of an ITK (I too know or I know it all), but a lovable one. She calls her daddy silly, hmmmm, I’m not sure how many African fathers would take that but I’d let that one slide, but she loves her parents and little brother, George to bits. And she talks – a lot! Anjie absolutely loves her and sings along to their nursery songs and just can’t get a enough of her…

Now hubby isn’t a fan of franchising cartoon characters and all but I’ve come to embrace it! What do you do when you kid refuses to put on her clothes? Giver her a Peppa pig top and she’ll grab it and try to wear it herself! Socks, shoes? It works every time! What about if you want to get your kid reading a little bit more? Buy her Peppa pig books, she’d love them! The options are endless! Let’s just say, I’ve found Peppa pig to be quite helpful around the house!
Anjie reading Peppa Pig

In other news, really looking forward to Easter as we’ll be with family and Anjie’ll get to see some of her London cousins again! It’s always loving being around family especially during festive seasons… Thank God for family!

And of course, I just had to put some of my favourite pictures of the last few weeks…
Anjie Always on the move

Playing with a lamb

enjoying a tractor ride

having a little treat over the weekend

And my personal favourite?

doing the dishes with daddy

God bless them…

Have a blessed Easter celebration and enjoy the holiday!


Happy Mother’s day – Mumspiration

Happy Mother’s days!

Honestly, I have a whole lot more respect and admiration for my mum now that I’ve become a mum too! To think she had 5 kids while I’m just getting by with only 1! My mum is amazing! Which is why when Tesco Clothing got in touch to join in the Mumspiration challenge I thought why not!

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How being in a relationship could save you money – Infographic

You know the saying two heads are better than one? Well it looks like it applies to saving money too! Apparently a couple could save on their things like car insurance, energy bills and gym membership to name a few… I’d say that sounds about right considering I’ve lived on my own and as a couple, it definitely has it benefits! :)

Check out this infographic by Ovo to see more

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This is what I did over the weekend!!

I discovered Zumba a couple of years ago and I haven’t looked back since! I LOVE Zumba! Guess it has something to do with my old love for dancing!

Anyway, I recently found Chester Bootcamp a Fitness company in Chester and when I found out they were doing a 2 hour Zumba Blast I thought it sounded like fun! And I was not disappointed! Was it worth it? The calories speak for itself…


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Protecting our children from abuse – The PANTS rule

I read this article earlier today and it brought a tear to my eye.

This is something that always plays at the back of my mind – is my daughter safe? Am I doing everything possible as parent to make sure she is well protected? Which is why when I read about the PANTS campaign I just had to blog about it! I know it is something a lot of parents do already (and I’m possibly late to the PANTS campaign rule!) but for people like me that think oh my daughter is too young, well she isn’t! The difference between 2 and 3 is 365 days! So there’s no such thing as being too early to start practicing these rules.

Talk Pants

Learn the Pants Rule

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Anjie having Daddy time – Short Video

I’ve been meaning to put up this video, even before my birthday, but finally getting around to it now!

This is what I go through everyday! Anjie is such a daddy’s girl so don’t be surprised shocked at what happens in this video! They really do mess around like this all day, it’s so funny to watch! Bless them both…

Hope you all are having a lovely week and catch up with you later!


Growing up and moving on – Anjie at 25 months

First of all, happy anniversary to us! Abby and I got married this time 3 years ago, or as a friend of mine would say – 3 years don waka pass … It’s been awesome, fun, amazing, crazy, annoying, hilarious, blessed, fruitful, grateful, grace-filled, enlightening, eye-opening… (I could go on really) but in all, I’m so blessed to be married to this wonderful man I call my husband who never cease to amaze me in so many different ways and it’s even more exciting to know our best days are ahead of us… Amen!

Our traditional wedding

Our traditional wedding in 2011

Alright! Moving on before I get too mushy mushy and burst into a song!

I thought I’d just talk generally about life with our 25 month old missy, with loads of pictures of course – Something I haven’t done in a bit!
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Swimming lessons with a toddler – Success!!

Last week I blogged about Anjie starting her swimming lessons which was a disaster – partly my fault really! So to make sure I knew where I was going and didn’t get late this time I went on a re-con mission a couple of days before the swimming lesson and it took me only about 15 mins to get there! That works perfectly for me as I close 4pm, make a dash to pick Anjie and arrive at the swimming pool with about 10mins to change and get ready for the class!

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