8 Months old Check-up & Back to Work!

My little man turned 8 months this week! What an amazing journey it’s been getting to this stage!

I definitely have to say motherhood has been a lot easier better this second time around – breastfeeding for one was smoother, weaning is going better and I guess I’m just more relaxed as a mother. I pray I haven’t jinxed things now!

Junior is still a serious little man, chilled out and not fussed at all, except at night or when he isn’t getting what he wants. We still have to work for the smiles but when they come it melts my heart every time!

So what has 8 months brought about?


Junior 7 months

Junior at 7 months – Crawling and Not Sleeping

Well! It’s been a minute here…

Life has been happening, as usual, my parents have gone back home, my big sis was here for a couple of weeks. She’s gone back too so now our home is very quiet once again… it’s taking some getting used to again as we’ve have family over for at least 3-4 months! It also means there’s no one to help out with carrying Junior any more but God being so good, my little man is on the move and he’s not slowing down for anyone!


Budgeting After Having Kids

Budgeting After Having Kids

Life really does change after having kids, focuses shift and priorities change – that’s life, isn’t it?

When we had Aj, I finally understand what the ultimate childcare was about! That thing hit me hard! I honestly didn’t realise how much it would cost till we started making inquiries! Then we went for number 2! My husband thought I was crazy, after all, one child is enough, right? Nope!

With two kids I’m definitely learning more interesting ways to budget and save a few pennies here and there, even more so while I’m on maternity leave.



Getting into a New Routine – Work, School & Nursery

The first week of back to school was last week and we made it! It’s going to take some getting used to this routine, but I believe we’re in a good place. It also helps that I only have to go to work Monday mornings for now, so means I can get the hang of things pretty well before I increase my hours and officially resume next month!


School Runs & KIT day

School Runs and KIT day – One of Those Mornings…

This morning has been a bit emotional for me…

My little girl started pre-school nursery today! I know she been going to nursery since she was about 7 months but this is different, today she wore a school uniform… I had to hold back the tears.

My little boy also went to nursery today – for a full day session…

And to crown it all up, I went to work as part of my Keeping in Touch (KIT) (half) days.

It really has been one of those mornings, I’m ready to crawl back into bed and hide under the cover for the rest of the day! (more…)

Mummy SOS Kit

My Mummy SOS Kit from Lights by TENA

I was recently contacted by an agency working with Lights by Tena about a mummy SOS kit which I thought was an interesting idea. Who doesn’t need an SOS kit especially for mums, right?

The handy kit has essential items a mummy needs to make her day a bit easier, especially to avoid the little ‘Ooops’ moments.

So what’s in the kit you ask?


Survey image

Survey Request for Parents

A master’s student at the University of Warwick reached out to me about a project she is working on and will really appreciate your help in filling out a survey. Here’s what she requests:
I am working on an MSc dissertation project at the University of Warwick, testing parental day-care concerns and extracurricular club enrolment for children ages 0-5 in the UK.


Junior Weaning at 5 Months - www.callmemummy.com

Junior Weaning at 5 months and what else is new?

Junior has started weaning! I haven’t been looking forward to this at all (I also dread potty training)! It is so messy and these babies are so unpredictable! I’ve promised myself I won’t put too much pressure on myself and will let the little man take the lead so we’ll see how that pans out…