Yu! Healthy snacks review – Love it!

Now this is a review I’m going to love doing because I love this product! In fact the story behind reviewing it is actually quite funny! Simply put, it’s days like this I LOVE being a blogger!


I have a stupid sweet tooth, it is really really bad! So I’m always looking for ‘healthier’ substitutes especially for the sake of Anjie who naturally has picked up my sweet tooth too! So we discovered dry fruits which are great for snacking especially on days when we’re rushing out and don’t have time to pack real fruits. Anyway that’s how I stumbled on Yu! Fruits and fell in love! You can imagine my disappoint when a few weeks late I went to stock up on my Yu! Fruits at Tesco and couldn’t find them!

I went looking for their website online, found it but couldn’t find a shop online either! Darn! I sent them an email asking about this but didn’t get a reply for a week, hmmmm. With the power of the internet behind me (haha) I went to their Twitter page and dropped them a line again! Within minutes they actually got back to me! Apparently they’ll be setting up an online shop in the next few weeks – yes! AND they asked if I would like to review some of their products – I thought they would never ask! Obviously I jumped at it and the rest as they say is history!


Yu! Just fruits, which are Anjie and I’s favourites are dried bite size fruits like tiny peanuts but better! They have a large range of fruits including strawberry, blueberry, cherry, mango, blackcurrant and raspberry, I love the mango ones! They also have yogurt coated fruits which I personally think are a tad bit sweet (that says a lot coming from me!), Anjie licks the yogurt and spits out the rest for some annoying reason, maybe it was the fruit in particular she wasn’t keen on…


The fruit cereal bars are also really nice – they are coated in yogurt as well but this works better than the bite size yogurt range, partly due to the cereal – Anjie loves this one too! I’ve also never seen this one in the shops before so was great trying it. Will definitely buy them again.

Needless to say, I love the Yu! Fruits range and can’t wait for them to get an online shop to try out more of their product range.

What about you? What are your thoughts on dry fruits? Love’em or hate’em?

I was sent these products to review my Yu!-Rules>

4 comments on “Yu! Healthy snacks review – Love it!

  1. Hmm love them sometimes…hate them most times…lol. honestly, I’m just not really a snacker but like you I do have a sweet tooth and indulge every now and then. Difference is my kind of snacks aren’t healthy so guilty!

    • Hahaaa! I know what you mean about non-healthy snack! I have them too but I just try to limit myself! As they say, it’s all about moderation… X

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