Yes, I am that mummy in the Supermarket

Who bribed her daughter to keep quite when she was having a tantrum!

So hubby and I decided to make a quite dash into the shops to pick up some groceries with Anjie without really preparing for madam! Big mistake…

So Anjie decides to scream her head off because we had just picked her up from nursery and of course she expected the next thing would be to go home and get some food! So obviously when she found herself in the supermarket without any food, my daughter was NOT a happy bunny! In her hunger she picked up a bar of chocolate (shoplifting 101 – now you wonder why they make those things so accessible and easy to pick up!) which I took from her and returned and that’s when the floodgates of screaming opened! My darling daughter made her first public display of disgracing her mum! It was so bad I had to quickly pick up some candy and just feed her to keep her quiet! It was quite funny though as I’ve always seen such cheeky kids especially in the supermarkets but it just hadn’t happened to me, yet! So I knew it was only a matter of time and that time was this week.

The joys of being a mum!

In other notes, Anjie had her first World Book Day on the 7th! Since she goes to nursery we decided to wear a shirt with one of her favorite cartoon characters, Peppa Pig! Next time we’ll be more prepared and creative in our ideas, but it was fun though!

Anjie on World Book Day

We’re still waiting for our internet to get sorted but the wait is almost over. Now the next prayer is the internet speed will be decent, especially as I’ve heard some horror stories about BT Broadband really!

You all have a lovely weekend!


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