Why would you ask the Internet to name your child?

I just came across this article on the internet and I have to say I was deeply shorted!! I mean how can he?! Why would he?!

Basically, a guy called Stephen has decided to let the internet name his unborn daughter. He kindly created a website called www.namemydaughter.com which lets you nominate and vote names…

Name my daugther

So out of curiosity and disbelief, I went to check it out and surprise surprise, the first name with over 57,000 votes (yes, he is getting that much publicity when people like us are blogging about it too!) is Cthulhu! I can’t even pronounce that name! I go online to check the meaning and it is DISGUSTING!!!! It is a monstrous entity based on a BOOK – I can’t even post the image on my blog, it is that wrong. I’m weeping for this poor child already. But wait, all is not lost yet, the second most popular voted name currently is Amelia (thank heavens) with just about 56,000 votes. The middle name winning is All-Spark – what a joke. Here’s a screenshot of the top 15 first and middle names as at today…

Namemydaughter top15 names

I know the father said they would have the last say but really, why let people you don’t know from Adam even suggest names for your child in the first place! Naming your first child should be a personal thing and I honestly can’t believe his wife is letting him get away with this, even if it’s just a joke!

I remember when I was pregnant for Anjie, I already knew her name years ago – if she was going to be a girl that is 🙂 If she had turned out to be a boy, well, we would have had to improvise! Since I had first dibs in naming our first child with approval from hubby I’m guessing his going to have a go with the next one, with my approval of course! But it was such a special thing, the name means a lot to both of us and I hope she grows to love her names as well. Which is why I honestly don’t understand why someone would think about doing such a thing!

The marketer in me is like wow, well done to him for getting such publicity and what a great stunt it is, but the mother in me is just screaming this is soooo wrong… Please Stephen, what are you doing?

You’re truly,

A concerned mother of one



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