Who is interested in Infant Massage Classes??

We Are!!!

So late last week we went for our very first Infant massage class – Anjie was 9 weeks…

I’m still at the stage where I have mixed feelings about going out with Anjie as I’m not quite sure what to expect with her! Most times she’s a darling, bless her, but she does have her moments. I know the more we go out the more confident and adept at handling her I’ll get both at home and ‘abroad’, so I just need to get us out out more!

With that in mind I decided to sign Anjie and I up for an infant massage class! Anjie was going to get her very own personal masseur! I’m not going to go into the benefits of massaging a baby but lets just say its decent and did I mention the course was free?? So for the next 5 weeks we’ll be going to the classes every Friday for an hour. Funtimes… I’m also trying to get myself to join some other baby classes but for starters this is all I’ve got!

So off we went on Friday to the first class. I think Anjie likes being the centre of attention and the only baby around else she gets a bit cranky! Anyway, as you guessed it, she was cranky for the first 20mins of the class! :-(. To be fair that was her nap time so guess she wasn’t too happy about getting that disrupted! Eventually we got our act together and continued with the class! The first day focused on leg massage and the various techniques which I’m not going to go into details about! All in all it wasn’t bad, I just hope next time Anjie is a lot calmer from the beginning!

After the massage class we went to my office to see the good people at Epiphany! Now here Anjie was the star so she was sooo cool, calm and collected! Stared at everyone and let people carry her without crying, thank God!! I also finally got the pram on and off a bus for the first time, unaided! Lol…

When we finally got home I felt like I had achieved something and got me thinking I could do this everyday! But the truth is I can’t be asked! I actually enjoy my time at home relaxing with Anjie (most times!). But yes, we will be getting out of the house every Friday at least with strolls in between.

Let’s make the best of the holiday!!!!!

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2 comments on “Who is interested in Infant Massage Classes??

  1. Hi.

    Firstly congratulations, your baby girl is gorgeous 🙂 Just read your blog from start to now, got a link to it while I was looking for a baby carrier on Victoria #Sling Lady. I had my second baby, a beautiful girl on 3rd Dec, she was due 27th Nov! Hope you are well n I look forward to hearing more. Just an idea for you, I bought a baby swing for my first baby, Finnley, it rocks on its own, Meadow my girl won’t self sooth either (and won’t take a dummy :() she does however fall asleep in the day quite well in this. I’d recommend one and it is prob my best ever baby buy!!!

    Oh, and I was told “Sorry, the pool is out of action” when I went into labour wanting a water birth!!

    Take care

    • Hi Caroline! Nice to meet you too! And thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Congrats on your daughter too! 🙂
      We actually have a swing as well but Anjie doesn’t get along with it :-(. She stays there for a few minutes then gets cranky! Still trying to get her to sleep in it though, maybe one day…
      Thanks and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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