What I did last weekend – Super Working Mum Weekend Retreat!

What I did last weekend – Super Working Mum Weekend Retreat!

That’s right! I went to the maiden Super Working Mum Retreat!

Last year, they had a SWM Live 1 day event which I blogged about here, so when Aloted, the lady behind SWM, talked about a small retreat later this year (for 20 ladies max) I was all for it! And it was well worth it!

The retreat was very much needed for me as its been ages since I last had some time away for myself. Hubby was all for it, bless him and AJ, well she had her twin cousins over (story for another post!) with her aunty and grandma so she pretty much didn’t even notice I was gone!


The retreat kicked off Friday evening at Latimer Place – De Vere Buckingham! The place is amazing! Lovely views with a little lake nearby, very picturesque – in fact I believe they had two wedding that weekend!



We had dinner, then introductions and got to do some networking, luckily, most of us are on the Facebook group so we sort of knew each other. We then had a movie night and watched ‘Why Did I Get Married’ something I hadn’t seen before so that was nice! We retired to our individual rooms for the night – after some ladies agreed to wake up first thing in the morning for a morning jog/gym and all! As for me, I was on holiday!! 🙂


The next day we talked about the movie we watched then had a talk with Evangelical speaker, Fiona Hendley. She was amazing! She talked about making time for ourselves and spending time with God and really just ‘chilling out’ in our daily lives -something a lot of us came to the retreat to do, so it was perfect!


Aloted, also gave a talk about managing and planning our time with some practical tips on how to prioritise our day to day activities based on the different hats we wear – wife, mother, daughter, professional, etc. I definitely picked a few things I could be doing to help balance my life a little better.

We also had some speakers that talked about their work and food hygiene in the kitchen and weight management.


We spent the rest of the day going on walks, visiting the gym, sauna, swimming pool and just generally relaxing then came back together to watch another movie after dinner. This time we watched ‘Think Like a Man’, although I’ve watched it before it was still stupidly hilarious!

Sunday came and we had a late breakfast then I had to head out since I was going back to North Wales, but the rest of the ladies had a Praise & Worship session with some bible study before having lunch then closing the retreat.

All in all, it was an awesome and relaxing weekend of meeting amazing and beautiful mums & mums to be! We shared our different stories, had good laughs, serious discussions and made some new friends! Well worth every penny I paid for the retreat!

If you’re interested in going on the next retreat you can join the waiting list to find out more, it’s later this year in November! Before that, there’ll also be another SMW Live event on the 13th of September, more details here! Hoping to make it for that one since I really enjoyed the last one!

You all have a lovely week!


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    • Thanks Trayee! And you too, I’m pretty sure we’ll be meeting again, hahaa! I’ve been following you since Chichi featured your blog! I love Naija foodie blogs 🙂

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