What I did last weekend – Super Working Mum Live Event

Last weekend was a pretty busy weekend, I decided to go for a working mum conference down in London with my sister and it was great fun! Anjie get to hang out with her other favourite person in the world, her daddy, and mummy got to have some me time! It doesn’t get better than that :). But that said, she actually cried when we were at the station…. Glad to know I’d be missed!

So the event was for working mums (hopefully the first of many!), be it self-employed or working full/part-time. And there were a few different speakers for the event. We had talks on the following:

    Confidence in the work place by Aloted Omoba (she’s also got an e-book
    out on this)
    Taking your career/business to the next level by Diane Ore
    Financial independence and making your money work for you by Justina Rosu

Each of the women had some very interesting stories and ideas to pass across, so thought I’d summarise some of my takeaways from the event:

– Fake it till you make it – I’ve heard this a lot when it comes to progressing your career but this really brought it home once again. When it comes to your career/business, it’s not going to be easy, but at time you just have to grab the bull by the horn and run with it! Be it something you’ve never done before or have little experience with, just do it!

– Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Being confidence isn’t achieved over night, you really have to work with what you’ve got and build it up daily but you have to make a conscious decision to start first.

– With starting your own business, once again, you just have to do it! Find out what you’re good at/with and let that be the foundation of your business – after all, we all have a talent!

– Respect your money, the same way you literally won’t throw money into the bin don’t just waste money on things you don’t need! I know I’m quite guilty of this, I buy things I don’t really need and instead of doing something with it, like maybe reselling it on eBay or something, I just leave it there to gather dust! So there’s loads of work to do…

I really enjoyed the conference and I was and still am extremely impressed! Everyone in the conference is a working mum and it just encouraged me to do my job things better! So off the back of that, I’ve gone back with the aim of running my SEO blog regularly! Well once a week at least – every little helps!

Well done to Aloted for organising the conference and bringing such amazing and inspiring speakers (herself inclusive!) together. And to think she’s done all this after she’s just had a baby and a toddler is in there too! She makes the rest of us who just sat at home during maternity leave extremely lazy!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the group, check out Super Working Mum, it’s really a great place to be!

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3 comments on “What I did last weekend – Super Working Mum Live Event

  1. Gosh this post made me smile! Thanks for sharing what you learnt at the event with your readers. and well done to deciding to run your SEO blog more regularly…that is one topic A LOT of people are definitely interested in.

    Thanks for coming all the way from North Wales did you say? I was particularly touched by that I am so glad it was worth the trip into London. And Anjie crying at the station…bless!

    And yes there will be more events by God’s grace. 🙂

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