What have we been up to – Easter, Spring and all

So, I’ve been feeling very guilty about not blogging recently… It’s just been so busy around here! First we had some lovely friends over from Nigeria – they were around for about 2 weeks. Then we’ve been having other friends around (or going to see friends) for most weekends in the past 2 months! We got to spend Easter in Scotland which was fun! Lovely countryside, just like North Wales. Anjie loved spending time with her Aunt & Uncle so much! Too bad we couldn’t stay longer though.

We also had this amazing snow in March, which is supposed to be the start of spring, now that was crazy! We were literally covered in snow, and of course snowed in, again… Second time in about 4 months! Was good fun though! We played in it a bit, although Anjie wasn’t too keen on it, because it really was cold. I’m guessing we’ll start building snowmen and snow angels from next year after she turns 2.
Abby in the snow
Snow in North Wales

The snow

We went to Alton Towers while our friends were in town, that was a great day out – the sun was just right, Alton Towers had just opened for 2013 so all the rides were 0-5 mins waiting time (something you don’t see often, trust me!), great fun. So the next stop now is Chester Zoo, especially as Anjie is getting to that stage where she’s fascinated by animals plus I hear it’s a really lovely place to have a family day out.

When we were in Scotland for the Easter holiday Anjie got a first taste of being on a swing and absolutely loved it! And of course, we had to capture the moment…
Anjie swinging

Lastly, my dear nephew JJ turned one! How time flies! We thank God for how far he has come! From a tiny wee baby to this bundle of energy, smiles, screams and cuteness! Happy birthday JJ! We love you loads! Kisses for your cousin Anjie xx

My nephew JJ

What can I say, this past few weeks have been great fun! Which is a very poor excuse for not blogging but its the truth! Just been so busy… Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of blogging again.

Also, did I mention that it seems we’re getting to the terrible two’s & three’s early? Anjie just seems to be throwing tantrums everywhere! One minute she’s all smiles and next minute she’s switched! Help! I want my sweet cuddly baby girl back!! Thank God for Abby, who is definitely a lot calmer than me and very understanding so most times he takes over when we get too far! She is still very much a daddy’s girl as you can tell… Can’t complain especially when he’s handling the tantrums!

You all have a lovely week!

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  1. Thank God for hubbys who can handling screaming toddlers!! Looks like you guys got quite a bit of snow. I have never seen that much snow before in my life! Wow!

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