Well still waiting… 39 weeks

Well, it’s week 39 now and I’m still waiting…

You would think that since I’m on my maternity leave I would have more time to myself and this would translate to more time to blog and all! That’s a yes and no… I do have more time to myself but that’s just what I’ve been doing – spending more ‘me’ time and catching up on lots of rest and relaxation! After all, these are my last days of freedom!

The past week has been pretty uneventful to say the least… In fact it’s been almost boring! I’ve finished all the baby shopping I’m going to do before the little one is born. I’ve also finished packing my hospital and baby bag although it’s not near the door! Anything else which I haven’t got by now will be bought when the baby is here – an excuse to leave the house you might say…

My folks are in town already so when she’s born they’ll make their way over to our place, right now they’re with my brother – this ensures I get some rest in between! They were here for the weekend though and as much as it was fun, it was also very tiring! So I think this was a good idea.

Since I switched hospitals to LGI at the last minute due to opting for a water birth (which may or may not happen) hubby and I had to go ‘investigate’ the new clinic. We were supposed to have a delivery suite tour but that got cancelled at the last minute cos they were ‘busy’ and the next available booking was 28th of January – thank you very much! By then my baby should be about a month old! So we took a drive round the place, went in and checked to see what floors we should be aiming for when we get there. In the end decided to have another Active birth class which is supposed to be like the Parent Craft classes we attended at St. James with a delivery suite tour included at the end. This is for the 18th of December, my due date ironically. It would be so hilarious if the little one decides to make an appearance while in the class!! ūüôā

Body-wise I’ve been doing good so far. Still attending my weekly aqua fitness classes which at the moment is my only fitness active! Shameful I know… I’ve been getting period like pains in the evening but I know it’s nothing to panic about since they haven’t come with contractions which is quite sad really… Was hoping she would make a bit of early appearance. Haven’t been getting much Braxton Hicks like I used to but still getting my regular movements so not too worried. Just wish she’ll get here already! Cos I really don’t want to be induced :-(. The good news is there’s still time though.

Here’s praying for smooth delivery and that she comes on time!! Amen…

Have a great week!

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