Week 35 – Are we there yet?

Well this is my 36th week of pregnancy and I’m getting closer and closer to full term – 37 weeks!

I know most people would say I shouldn’t hold my breathe about the baby coming then, especially as this is my first – I should be looking more towards 40-42 weeks! WHAT?? Well the good news is I spoke to my mum and she said we all came early! Including the first born! He was almost 2 weeks early if not more! So that’s what I’m talking about. If God did it for my mummy, He will do it for me!

It’s ironic that I want her to come early on time, even though I still haven’t bought stuff for her except the travel system and a baby cot (which I hope to take a picture of pretty soon!). I figured I might as well wait till I start my maternity leave and save all the shopping till then. It’ll keep me busy and means I’ll have to get out of the house too! And since my maternity leave starts next week, it means shopping starts next week too! Happy days!!

I will not be cheesy and say time has flown by because I have remembered every blessed day of this pregnancy! Even though I only started blogging around 24 weeks I still remember the other days like yesterday! I remember when we found out I was pregnant. I took a test and bought another one and took it again! I couldn’t believe it! We hadn’t been trying for a baby at all, but then again, we hadn’t actively gone about not wanting to have one either! But it still came as a shocker to me! Abby was shocked for a few days and then he was over the moon. It took me a lot longer than that. Took me a few weeks to actually feel something – nervous, worried, scared… Now I’m the one that can’t wait… That’s how time changes your perspective…

Right now all I think about is her, when she turns in my bump, when I feel any funny feeling, all about her… I’ve never been so in tuned to my body like I am right now, its amazing. I can’t miss any symptom – I mean what if it means I’m going into labour, or heaven forbid something is wrong?

It’s just amazing and every day it makes me truly realise how great and amazing Our God is… He is truly wonderful and marvellous.

Hurry up little one… we all can’t wait to me you

Love Mummy…

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