Anjie with her cousins and Family

Over the last few weeks we been around family quite a bit! It’s always so nice being around family and lovely to see that Anjie loves her cousins loads, as for her grandparents? Lets just say she’s very good at doing ‘shakara‘ for them!

So I thought I’ll just put some pictures up which we’ve taken over the last few weeks in Manchester, North Wales and Scotland! In the pictures are Anjie and her cousins, JJ and Jason with grandma, grandpa, aunties and uncle! It’s been fun fun fun…


Just Pictures at 8 months

So Anjie turns 8 months today…

I’ve been quite busy with work and I have a backlog of things to write about like work and Anjie’s family fun day at the nursery. But in the mean time figured I’ll drop a quick post…