Trying for a Baby Boy – Myth or Fact?

After we had Aj about 10 months after getting married we knew we wanted a break – at least 3-4 years gap before we’d try again. We also both knew we would love a boy, one of each to complete our family but the ‘plan’ was to stop at two either way. In between the 3 year gap I stumbled upon an article on how to have a baby boy… Interesting, I thought!

Let’s just say I read it thoroughly, researched some more then we ‘practised’ it and the rest as they say is history…

I like to think of myself as a nice person (haha) so I thought I’d share what we did! Obviously, I feel I have to put a disclosure here and state I am not a medical practitioner and there are no guarantees on whether it’ll work or not but what have you got to lose, right…? Sooo! The primary article that started my research was from Mamalette. I did further research which confirmed most of what they said so this is the one I’ll stick to. Based on the article, these are the things we did to make things more ‘favourable’ for a boy:

Know when you are ovulating

I’ve been monitoring my menstrual cycle/ovulation since I found out there was an app for that about 5 years ago so this was easy for me! I use Period Tracker Lite for iOS and that gives me a rough idea of when to expect my periods and ovulation. Thankfully, I’m as regular as a clock so this part was fairly straightforward. Alternatively, there are kits to check for this, such as Clearblue Ovulation kit which I’ve never used so couldn’t say how accurate it is, but I see it advertised all the time on TV. I’m not going to bother writing how to calculate one’s ovulation date because there’s so much information about this online already!

Based on Shettles’ method, have sex as close to ovulation as possible

Since I was tracking this we knew the advised dates and had sex on the day and the day after just in case! Yes, we meant business!

Have an orgasm

Check 🙂

Utilize a deep-penetration sexual position to conceive a boy

Check, again 🙂

Make your husband wear boxers rather than panties


Make your spouse drink an energy drink or coffee

He’s a coffee drink anyway so this was in the bag, again.

Change your diet

Now this was where I drew the line! Nothing was coming between me and my milk, cheese, cereals and all so I pretty much ignored this one! That said, I do try to eat relatively healthy though or so I tell myself!

All in all, it was fun trying for a boy primarily because we knew there were no guarantees and whichever way we just wanted a healthy baby. In fact, a tiny part of me wanted another girl as this would have been ‘easier and safer’ as we already had a girl. But then God knew best and blessed us with this little gentleman who has just been a star so it’s all been worth it!

What do you think about ‘trying’ for a particular sex? Would you try it or have you already? Did it work? I’d love to hear your stories, especially as I’ve shared mine! So do share!! 🙂

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17 comments on “Trying for a Baby Boy – Myth or Fact?

  1. Haha, gosh you meant business lol. I know the ovulation tracking bit may have some truths. Lets just say I did use it and it appeared to work (wink). The only other thing I did was eat healthy which helps in pregnancy anyways. Nice article x.

  2. OT pls I’m about 8weeks preggers and I’m alwais nauseous so I barely eat or take my drugs because I’ll throw up anywais. What would you advise pls? BTW, this is my second bby and I had it a lot easier with my first

  3. Hahaha! When I do start trying for my babygirl, I’m gunno need tips from all you mamas of girls.

    Oh and I followed this “method” and ended up with a boy just as I wanted lol! So I’m gunno go with FACT!

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