Toddler milk vs Cow milk for a 1 year old

I was so looking forward to switching to cow’s milk when Junior turned 1! I won’t have to worry about buying formulae and we’d just carry on using the family milk – we would have to switch to full fat whole milk of course, because of him, but I wasn’t complaining about that!

Now, all my dreams have been shattered…

We switched Junior to cow’s milk about two week ago and immediately I noticed my poor baby was seriously constipated! This is someone who used to go like clock work! First thing in the morning when he woke up and then possibly another one or two while at the nursery. Suddenly, he was going 2-3 days without pooing. And this was with him still drinking water, breastfeeding occasionally and eating loads of fruits and veggies with no other changes to his diet.

The nursery noticed as well especially as you could see him straining and sometimes trying really hard but no luck. Sometimes it was even worse at night when he would cry because he was trying so hard to go! And when he finally did it, my goodness I felt for him! It was SOOO hard! My poor baby!

So with that we’ve decided to switch to the Cow&Gates toddler milk which is still formulae but for kids aged 1-2. I used to wonder who would buy this formula when they could easily save money and go for cow milk, now I know! The plan is to use this at home for another month or so while he still has one bottle of cow milk at nursery. After we have the situation back in check we’ll gradually introduce cow’s milk at home again and take it from there. Fun times!

Fingers crossed, this does the trick…

In other awesome news -I PASSED!!!! With credit for that matter! I’m talking about the online digital marketing diploma which I started when I went on maternity! This thing gave me many sleepless nights, left me questioning myself so much (who sent me message??). But thank God, He saw me through it and I came out with flying colours! It’s a testimony because I honestly wasn’t sure I would pass, let alone get credit. So thankful to God! February is definitely living up to being my favourite month!

So now, you can call me Mrs Tola Omoniyi Dip DigM 🙂
idm grad logo

So yeah, this week has been amazing! Let’s pray it stays that way….

You all enjoy the rest of your week!


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18 comments on “Toddler milk vs Cow milk for a 1 year old

  1. Congratulations on your diploma. That’s awesome!

    Sorry to hear about the cow’s milk. My first had the same issue. Until this day, I am still so traumatized. We have refused to give her cow’s milk. She’s been on almond milk and does OK. Even the doctor thinks that’s for the best. Also, we have had to keep her on miralax which is a mild non habit forming laxative safe for kids. That was because of the constipation which left her intestines enlarged.

    • Thanks a lot Wheatney! My goodness that sounds really scary! It definitely seems like I might have to adjust my expectations then! I’ll see how he does in another month or else we might have to go to the doctors too! x

    • Hi Deka, thanks for that! Good to know she’s fine with it now, hopefully Junior will outgrow it too! I’ve added you to my nigerian mummy bloggers list :-)! Nice to meet you and don’t be a stranger! x

  2. Eek!!! Cow’s milk of any sort simply doesn’t agree with my son. He vomits and breaks out in hives. So we don’t give him. He’s ok with yoghurt, cheese and all that though. So weird! Babies are a bit of an experiment aren’t they? 😅

    Congratulations on your pass! Well done supermama. 👍🏾💕

    • Oh dear!! I honestly didn’t know milk could be so dangerous sometimes! There I was thinking every child just loved it! It’s a real experiment! Thanks girl! X

  3. Hi Tola, what a read!! Welldone on your diploma! Welcome to the good old cornflakes club for cereal! As a rule, i stay away from chocolate based and sugar cereals…..On your milk issue, a lot of children react to cows milk in various ways; its something to do with the digestion of the protein it contains and also the processing as well. My first two did react but I was advised by a paediatric nurse to go with goats milk. It is slightly more expensive but definitely milder and i have not had any problems since then. The plant based milk are also good but you must think about supplementing their nutrition in other ways….

    From your comment, you say he still has a cup of cows milk at school? I would suggest sticking to one brand both at home and at school just so you can put your finger on the cause of a problem if it arises

    • Ahhhhhh!! I honestly didn’t realise cow milk could be such a big deal!! I didn’t even think to ask the nursery what brand they use! Need to find that out and most likely give them the one I want them to use then! Doesn’t help he still takes lots of milk either! Will just have to monitor it and possibly visit the doctors if it doesn’t improve as there’s no way I’m going to continue paying for formula!

      Thanks a lot Jennifer! x

  4. I wonder my comments don’t go through…let’s try this again.
    Congrats on your Diploma!! It’s really not easy to study with these other roles.

    Cow milk doesn’t agree with my son. It goes through him, major diarrhea.
    I think it also has to do with the fact that Black people are lactose intolerant. We lack the enzyme that helps digest Lactose (milk products). We give him toddler formula also.

    • Thanks girl! My goodness! That must be really frustrating for you guy. Have you decided what you’ll try next in terms of milk and all?

  5. Occasionally, I do give him little amount of milk though with something else like oatmeal, custard, etc. I try to incorporate it when I can but he doesn’t drink it. Plant based milk does not have the fat needed for brain development in kids. For drinking, I’ve really settled for the toddler formula, we use Similac. plus it’s convenient on the go. Lol.

    • Hmmmm! It’s a tough one really! It he doesn’t like it guess it just makes sense to go with what he likes, especially if it’s easier! Might be trying the goat milk myself and see how that goes… X

  6. Tola, just noticed this, I am terrible with keeping up withy fave blogs these days.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say was did you try semi-skilled milk? I did a few posts on Instagram on substitutes for milk as the calcium (& fats) doesn’t have to come from milk or formula. Please do check it out and share your thoughts – would love to hear. I’ll tag you. Big big congrats on your diploma. You are awesomeness, mama.

  7. My comments just got swallowed.


    I’m going to tag you on a few posts on milk on the instagram page and also re-write my comments there.

    • Sorry girl! You’re the second person saying this! I think it’s cos you used an ‘unapproved’ email address so I had to approve it first. Thanks oh! You’re making me blush! I’ll pop over now! Its Instagram that’s getting harder to check everyday for me now! Missing so much stuff there – there’s just not enough hours in the day!! x

  8. Congratulations on your diploma!
    We had the same problem with cow milk, our little one just got problems with it and we switched to Holle organic formula stage 4 from It is for kids from 1-3 years and he is doing fine with it. I haven’t tried cow milk since than, because normally we only use plant based milk at home. So we’ll just stay with the formula.
    All the best,

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