This Parenting Business… One of those mornings!

This too shall pass… For the past few week, this is what I say to myself every morning when my daughter wakes up in one of her moods…

Waking up with this ‘mood’ means it’s going to be a long and stressful morning.

This morning was no exception and I thought we were going to miss the bus, which would have a domino effect…

But I know this phase too shall pass… Or so I keep telling myself.

Not so innocent Aj
As much as I know this will pass, I do need to think about alternative solutions and ideas to avoid these moods.

To be fair, Aj doesn’t ‘wake up with a mood’, something just happens almost immediately she wakes up which triggers the mood. Today, it was the fact that I woke her up and tried to get her dressed first without having breakfast (OMG!!), even though I told her we would have breakfast after getting dressed (this was me trying something different, partly because I knew we were running late that morning – yes, I’m guilty of waking up late too). So this got her upset and she started complaining and dragging her feet and essentially not wanting to get dressed.

Now if you know my daughter, she’s very strong-willed, and so am I (hubby says I have too many rules around the kids, that’s another story). She didn’t want to get dressed, and I was looking at the time thinking, oh no, we’re running late, so I tried to rush her and she got even more upset and started crying (crocodile tears I tell you!).

In the end, daddy had to step in and we compromised – she had a bit of her breakfast before getting dressed and the rest after getting dressed. That sort of did the trick!

We technically missed our usual bus stop but we caught the school bus at the second stop which isn’t too far from the 1st one, so it wasn’t too bad, and I still get into work not too late, thank God!

You would think that after over 4 years I’d know how to handle my daughter but it’s days like this that make me realise I still have a very long way to go in this parenting business. You think you have a decent routine in place and they just have to switch it up to keep you on your toes!

I look at Junior every day and I ask God, please make him calmer than his sister and give me the strength to handle both of them the right way…

But do you know what made it all better in the end? When we were in the car and she said ‘Sorry for stressing you mummy…’, now that made me smile inside and made the whole day seem so much brighter and better! I’m a sucker for positive words…

Anyone else care to share their kid’s drama stories as well, or is it just be? 🙂 

Enjoy the rest of your week! And thanks for stopping by… appreciate you guys! 


13 comments on “This Parenting Business… One of those mornings!

  1. I think it is the age. My oldest who just turned 4 can be very strong willed and often, her dad also has to step in. I try not to change their routines too much because it often leads to much stress on both sides.
    But I am with you, positive words especially from our little ones makes it all better :-).

    • Well, let’s pray they gets over it soon! It’s been on going now for a few years, I’m exhausted! Thanks Joy, good to know I’m not the only one that loves positive words! x

  2. Oh my days, I can so relate with this. I read this post earlier in the week and had to come back to give a very recent example.

    As soon as Nate woke up this morning, we knew it was going to be one of those mornings. He didn’t want to shower then got in with his vest on, all the while in tears after clinging on to my leg as I did my hair in the bathroom. His dad got him ready then there was drama over his clothes for nursery. When he was eventually dressed, he came out to get his breakfast but I saw that he was wearing a top that is usally reserved for bedtimes, over his top. I was confused and his dad just said leave him. I laughed at the thought of it several times throughout the day. Thankfully he had a good day at nursery but bedtime brought more drama. He didn’t want to go to bed, despite his tiredness and insisted on leaving his vest and two tops on. Na him sabi!! These children eh!! *covers face*

    • Oh my goodness! That sounds so like Aj it’s crazy! I’ve long since accepted that when it comes to dressing most times it’s easier to just let it go and give peace a chance, lol! It frustrates me but what can I do? Right now my daughter is anti-trouser, which is fine, except last year she didn’t like skirts! You just can’t win! x

  3. Awww that’s just the sweetest thing to say… you should be proud of her cos she is such a good girl, she could see how upset or agitated you might have been… I don’t mind changing up our routine (I don’t even have a proper one haha) cos sometimes it does more havoc then good and ain’t nobody gat time for that! especially at this ‘assertive’ age.
    Good job though (not sure if you understand Yoruba) but EKU ISHE O

    • Lol, thanks oh! Yeah I understand Yoruba, but speaking is something else, lol! Yeah, I’ve definitely learnt my lesson with the routine bit, thought we were pass that stage but apparently not! x

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