This is what my 2 year old can do & say

I’ve been meaning to post this picture here for a few days now as I’ve already posted it on Instagram!

AJ with her Magnum Icecream

Yes, that is my daughter trying reaching for the stash of Magnum ice cream in the freezer the other day.

Do you see that chair? That chair has encouraged her to go where no toddler should go… It has literally given her wings!

Am I proud of her? Of course, or else why would I post the picture 🙂 but I’m also a little worried that she might hurt herself! It’s a tough one really, because we do encourage her to be independent and do her thing – as you can see, but it does also mean that sometimes she does things she’s not supposed to! This is where boundaries need to be reinforced so that’s what we’re working on now! Lord give us strength!

In other news, this is what transpired between my daughter and her daddy the other day, it was so hilarious when he told me I just had to write it down here!

Hubby and AJ were driving in the car in the city centre and they passed a big water fountain by the road.

AJ: Daddy! Look waterrrr!!

Hubby: Yes, AJ, that’s a fountain

AJ: No! Daddy, not fountain, waterrr!

Hubby: AJ, that is a fountain

AJ: No! Daddy! Not Fountain!! Waterrr!!

(after some to and fro)

Hubby: Alright AJ, it’s water.

AJ: Yes, daddy, its water! Well done, daddy!

AJ 1 – Hubby 0



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