The Joys of a Big Girl’s Bed & Ear Piercing issues

First of all, it’s June already! Half way through 2014!! Thank God for a great year thus far…

Just when I thought we had transitioned to a big girl’s bed fairly easily without any sleepless nights! Boy, was I wrong!

A few nights ago we had a serious rough night! It was like we went back to when Anjie was a baby again and staying up through the night (I still have nightmares about that period of our lives, lol!). She kept waking up, walking to our room and refused to sleep on her bed. Hubby said she was absolutely NOT going to sleep in our room so we had a lot of to and fro that night! We’d lie with her for a bit then try to get off the bed without waking her up! It was not pleasant at all!

So the next day hubby and I got to thinking that maybe Anjie kept coming to our room because of our mattress, a crazy idea but hear me out! We’ve got a really nice mattress in our room, memory foam pocket spring from Snug Mattress and it is divine! Everyone who has ever sat on it can attest to the ‘difference’ in the mattress!

So we decided to change Anjie’s bed and what do you know, she has slept through in her room for the last few nights! Once again I’m praying I’m not jinxing things here but if I am, oh well, I will sha survive! But I just have to say, long live lovely mattresses and long may they reign… as long as the child is asleep!

It also looks like we’ll be looking to pierce madam’s ears again as we’ve lost one! I never thought one could so easily lose an earring hole but it has happened so now I know better! The last earring we got her (after going through at least 10 in her short time on earth) was really tiny and some how managed to cause a bleed in the the ear hole so we had to take it out and within about 2-3 days it healed but sealed up the ear hole too! Bless her she was a trooper through it all!

Since we’re doing her hair more frequently I don’t feel as bad but it’s still quite frustrating! I have a fear they won’t be able to pierce the exact spot because it’s a healed wound so I’m leaving off for as long as I can and hopefully once the tiny scar is gone they’d be able to pierce the ear again. Anjie would also be older so she’d take better care of her ear rings then, I hope!

My daughter is oblivious to the fact that she doesn’t have any ear rings except when she sees me putting mine in but I as the mother am left wondering and worrying whether I could have done something differently to prevent this from happening…

The joys of being a mummy!

Have a lovely weekend!



4 comments on “The Joys of a Big Girl’s Bed & Ear Piercing issues

  1. aww bless her! man i like your hubby some men will say leave the child alone…
    aww re the earring hole…sorry to hear about the bleed…geez!
    You both look pretty in your photos 🙂

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