The end of an era – Afternoon naps & a video!

Yes, like the title implies, it looks like my baby girl is no longer a baby any more…

I don’t want to give up afternoon naps because I get to do stuff during that time, heck sometimes even I take a nap as well! But it’s been a long time coming, we have to say goodbye! I’ve even gone and told the nursery to no longer push it – she’s always one of the last kids to drop off in her class because she fights it so much and sometimes she even wins!

The past week AJ has been a nightmare to put to bed! We’d give her a bath and all, ready for bed by 8pm, read a story and say a prayer and that usually would be it. But no, ever since she moved to her big girls bed you’ll hear her ‘reading’ to herself. It eventually progressed to the stage where she’s get out of bed and start roaming the hallway and even sometimes making her way to our room or the living room as late as 9.30pm sometimes! She’d eventually fall asleep only if hubby or I is in the room with her – ignoring her, but in the room!

The other day she had a bit of diarrhea over the weekend and the nursery said she had to stay at home for 48 hours (you learn something new everyday but that was a shocker for me!) I learnt a few things! When she didn’t nap in the afternoon she was more willing to fall asleep by 8-8.30pm! She’s usually up between 7 and 7.30am every morning so I think  11 hours of sleep is fair enough! Considering how busy she keeps herself over the day I would have thought she’d want more but, so far 2 days  of no afternoon naps seem to be working for us! So we’ll see how it goes… Sure, weekends when we don’t have a strict bedtime I’m sure we’ll be more flexible but week days are a no-no. It’s most frustrating when I try to wake her up in the morning and she keeps trying to go back to bed because I know she’s been up late!

It’s been a while I posted a video of the little missy so here’s one of her singing Peppa Pig’s bing bong boo song – she know’s most of the songs as she is a Peppa pig fan! We’re competing for who has the thinnest voice between the two of us 🙂

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!


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4 comments on “The end of an era – Afternoon naps & a video!

  1. My little guy is outgrowing his naps too and it’s so hard. Around dinner time, he gets so exhausted that he turns into a little monster, but when he does take a nap, he won’t go to bed until 10pm and that’s exhausting for me!

    • Yes! It’s so hard finding that balance isn’t it! Eventually this too will pass, let’s just hope it’s pretty soon! Hang in there Bea! x

  2. Lovely… a way i cant wait for my little Jood to be 2 years and in another way i want to cuddle while i slow time down, sad i cant eat my cake and have it!

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