The Dangers of Sugary Cereal for Kids

My name is Tola and I’m guilty of buying sugary cereal for my daughter. I have seen the light and I promise to do better, starting from today…

Why am I going on about sugary cereal? Because Aj recently went to the dentist and it was an an eye opening experience and not in a good way…

Its turns out my daughter has 2 cavities in her back molars on both sides. I felt like I’d failed in my mummy duties and I’ve not been as vigilant as I should have been! I should done this, and I shouldn’t have done this. Bottom line is it has happened so I know I need to learn from it and move on.

Aj has always had a sweet tooth which she gets from me so I guess it’s good this happened now because it’s made us sit up and take a better look at what she/we are eating. Don’t get me wrong, she brushing her teeth 2 (sometimes 3) times a day, morning and night and she usually has treats on weekends which is fair (not great but fair). However, it turns out what we believe is the main culprit is the Curiously Cinnamon cereal she has every morning for breakfast. Hubby said it’s just like eating sugar – it’s actually brown sugar which I thought was better but I stand corrected! So we have to say goodbye to having that cereal in our cupboards and find a ‘healthier’ substitute which my daughter will eat and grow to love. I’m pushing for good old Cornflakes which I know she generally likes and Rice krispies, we’ll see..

That's the culprit right there!!

So now, Aj has a temporary filling and she’s going to have a proper filling in a couple of months. I don’t want to be around for that but I know I have to overcome my fear and be strong for my daughter! Everyone says its her milk teeth and it’s a ‘test run’, she’ll be fine but I still feel bad.

I want to believe I’ve come to terms with it now and like I said earlier, it’s probably best this happened now so we’d sit up and say no to sugary cereal and the likes for Junior. We’ll also aim to go for my savoury food and fruits – which she loves to be fair so I suppose I could always just substitute with that too.

This parenting job, everyday is a school day and it never ends, right?

Enjoy your weekend!


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14 comments on “The Dangers of Sugary Cereal for Kids

  1. I’m sooooo guilty of giving Chiddy sweet treats even though I swore I would never. I am seriously scared to go to the dentist. This post has me seriously rethinking what I am doing right now. Raaahhh!! School of parenting indeed. God help us. 😅🙆🏾

  2. Really good point you made Tola, though to the detriment of AJ’s dental health, it’s good to know how much sugar these cereals have in them. But don’t blame yourself bcos they are advertised as “kids” cereals (even cornflakes has added sugar). Another culprit is kids’ yogurts, fromage frias and the likes…

    Just check the ingredients – sugar is part of the 1st 5 or so, then it has alot of it. To be honest, the safest cereal is probably porridge oats!

  3. I need to read this to Hubby because he is the one who gives Dundun sweet treats, his reason is because he wants him to be a kid. I also thought brown sugar was better, I guess you can try substituting with honey. Hugs to you and AJ.

    • Lol! I understand wanting them to be kids oh but it’s definitely down to moderation and the type I guess! The cereal itself came with brown sugar so I never added anything. But yes whenever I want to sweeten her cereal I’ve always used honey. That cereal in particular is notorious apparently…

  4. Hian!!!des our children that wunt inherit our better attributes and choose our love for d sweets as first choice…God help us.. Timi is still in d milk corner so im seriously learning from this, bt at 6months he is already picky with milk,d sweeter the better…

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