The Birthday Weekend – Nigerian & British Kiddies Parties

The Birthday Weekend – Nigerian & British Kiddies Parties

Last weekend was what I classed as the birthday weekend as AJ had two parties to attend from her friends in the nursery and she had Sammy the Bear over so it was a fun weekend for her all round! It was actually quite interesting for me as a Nigerian parent as this was my first proper British birthday party. We’ve gone for quite a few Nigerian kiddies parties so it was quite interesting to see the difference in experience. Note, we’re talking about toddler parties here!


Nigerian ‘kids’ parties are fun! Both for the kids and the adults BUT, it is a lot of work! I guess we just love to party at the end of the day! British kids parties are what they say they are, they’re parties for the kids and the primary focus is the kids and the kids have fun!

Both parties lasted 2 hours each with one hour for entertainment, dancing and generally just playing around then another hour for food and drinks and that was it really! I loved the timing and all because it meant the whole day wasn’t spent attending just the parties. I also had a relaxing time while AJ burnt off her usual high amount of energy! Altogether I would easily say we could throw a kiddies party with about £300 or even less depending on the number of people invited and how DIY (do it yourself) you’re willing to go i.e. baking your own cakes and sorting out the food and takeaway bags yourself. The kids had packed sandwich lunches and drinks while the adults had soft drinks and nibbles. I’d say there were about 15-20 kids for both parties with slightly fewer number of adults.

A Nigerian toddlers party, where do I start! First of all, it’s most likely not for the kids, it more for the parents, yes I said it :). We’d probably have a DJ, cook loads of assorted food from small chops to heavy main course dishes. The kids get to run around free with their friends and just generally have a good time. The party would probably also go on well into the night, some kids might drop off while others see it as an excuse to make the most of it and some just get cranky.

These are all part of the things which sort of put me off having a party for AJ but after attending these two parties over the weekend it did make me think we could have a nice and simple party for AJ and her local friends and maybe some family during the day. We could then still have the ‘Naija version’ later at night when we got home but in a much smaller dose with just family and close friends. Killing two beds with one stone I think 🙂

So maybe, just maybe AJ might be having a simple 3 year old birthday party this year… she’d definitely remember it as she still hasn’t stopped talking about the parties she went for over the weekend!





What do you think about toddler birthday parties? Have you had one and what was it like?

Have a lovely weekend!


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6 comments on “The Birthday Weekend – Nigerian & British Kiddies Parties

  1. Very valid observations you raise here!
    Nigerian birthday parties are fun for all concerned can they can take your stress levels to the max with all the preparations that go on. Also the fact that there is no fixed end time means that you keep getting visitors long after the party should have ended! Kind of like a tag team thingy:-)
    I have done enough Naija kiddies birthday parties and like you I am exploring other “simpler” options for the future…

  2. Bionic has a hybrid 5th party just last month. It was on old macdonald farm. it was for 2 hours. Venue provided food for the kids and I brought packed jollof rice for the adults. 15 children. I was not stressed at all and the kids had massive fun on the riders and soft play area.
    I am not a fan of children parties that turn into an adult party. Just say you want a party for yourself. Lol.

    If it for the child focus on the kids having a good time and of course feed the adults properly. That’s the down side of a British party. Sandwich ke? MBA!

    So yes it is doable 🙂

    • I LOVE the idea of the packed jollof rice for adults cos yes, it vex me small that we only had snacks too, lol! Although I guess it’s one of those things you’d need to clear with the party venue first, but definitely a very good idea! Definitely sounds like our kind of party too – stress-free for adults and fun for the kids… Thanks Aloted!

  3. Very interesting topic. I stopped doing birthday parties for my kids because I just can’t stand the stress of it all. And i cant stand all the plastic junk given as birthday presents.We have a fun day out on their birthdays which is more memorable for them.

    • Yeah, I know exactly what you mean! A number of the gifts disappear the day after, lol! I think that’s where we’ll get to eventually but for now since she goes to a number of parties its only fair she has people come to her’s, for now… Thanks for that Yvonne x

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