The Baby Gift Guide – An Infographic

Seeing how much I love infographics, I figured I’ll share this one… it’s a baby gift guide which is actually for parents. Errrrr not quite sure about that though! After all, there’s no way I’m using a dummy or a baby play gym!

A baby gift guide for parents
A baby gift guide for parents

Other than that, I think it rather cool.

I’ll class us as the tech-savvy parents seeing as we have two iPads in the house, 5 laptops (including office ones of course) and don’t get me started on how many phones we have between us! Anjie is always having a field’s day with my phones – I let her play with my blackberry but the iPhone is an absolute no-no (well most times)! I can’t shout! She also plays around with the iPad at times which is quite funny to watch. Hubby always says if she spoils it he won’t be getting me a replacement! It’s just that sometimes its easier for her to play with it or else I won’t hear the last of it from her! That girl is determined my goodness!

She also has all kinds of educational and skill learning toys that require batteries! Sometimes I think the money we’ve spent on keeping those toys running is even more than getting the toy itself! When will they start making toys that run on electricity or solar power or something! Anything BUT batteries!

Speaking of iPads, anytime I begin FaceTiming someone and its ringing she just starts smiling cos she knows she’s going to see her grandparents or many aunties and uncles! She’s just so smart. Infact, some people are saying she should get her own iPad for her birthday (like, really? really??) but that is NOT happening! At least not yet… 🙂

What kind of parent are you?

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  1. Hmmm…I think I’m more of a bargaining parent while hubby is the tech saavy one. Don’t be surprised at what Anjie might be capable of doing on your ipad in a few months time, children of this generation are very tech saavy.

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