The Attack of Chickenpox

So last week Thursday I got a call from the nursery saying my daughter, Anjie, who I had dropped off that morning was sick with chickenpox! Like OMG!!! Where and how did that happen??!!

So turns out that it had been making the rounds in the nursery and I, innocent of chickenpox as I am, didn’t know what to look out for! Felt quite bad really that I hadn’t picked up on it. But apparently most of her breakouts happened in school and they weren’t much, thankfully…

She handled it very well really. Reduced her solids and went back to more of milk and waking up more for comfort (she even moved into the bed with us on some nights, that doesn’t happen much!). But overall she still was her playful self but just wanted more hugs and cuddles. She ran a temperature a couple of times but nothing Calpol didn’t solve. She also got a bit of a cough and runny nose which is still ongoing!

Today, she’s great and back to nursery. And the second best part? I didn’t get it! I never had chickenpox growing up so was really worried I would! Hubby was 100% sure I’d get it too! But thank God I didn’t. That said, I still fell sick with a horrible flu and crazy sore throat! Never had it that bad before! Guess my immune system too a serious beating with the chickenpox so just picked up something else… Not complaining though, give me a flu any day over itchy chickenpox!

Now everyone is doing great! Wasn’t a great week for us, but we survived! The chickenpox lasted a full week and she was as good as gold! Still a bit clingy but that’s to be expected and she’s still not quite there with her solid food yet.

Earlier, last week Anjie also got to spend a whole night alone with her dad! I had to travel for work. My first time away from home without her and needless to say, they were fine without me. Maybe I should do this more…

Here’s a picture of my poor baby covered in calamine lotion.


All in all, I’m just thankful it’s over and done with! My girl’s a fighter so we’re moving on to the next thing! Bring on the 1st birthday!

Everyone have a great weekend! We’re off to Milton Keynes!

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4 comments on “The Attack of Chickenpox

  1. Eyah! sorry about Anjie catching chicken pox,they should have notified you in her school that some of the children have it before she caught it. I hope Anjie and mummy are feeling much better. P.S Im following your blog but I never get any notification when you publish a new post šŸ™

    • Thanks Willow. Don’t mind them o but to be fair they did send a message out about kids being sick, just didn’t say what kind of sickness!
      We’re doing fine now, thankfully. Thanks for letting me know about the subscriptions thingy ill have a look and see what the problem might be!

  2. Glad baby girl is feeling better! You may have had a low grade form of the chicken pox when you were younger and not even known it. When I was in med school before my pediatrics rotation I went to the employee health office to get a chicken pox vaccine because my mom told me I never had the chicken pox. They checked my chicken pox titer and apparently I was immune! They said I might have had such a low grade form of it that it was never officially diagnosed. Either way its worth checking out because getting the chicken pox as an adult can be much worse than getting it is a child.

    • Thanks Amy? That’s interesting! I’ll definitely have a word with my doctor about it. Now that you’ve said it I won’t be surprised really, what with this being the second time I’ve been exposed to it and all. And the worrying is killing too! X

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