This is what I did over the weekend!!

I discovered Zumba a couple of years ago and I haven’t looked back since! I LOVE Zumba! Guess it has something to do with my old love for dancing!

Anyway, I recently found Chester Bootcamp a Fitness company in Chester and when I found out they were doing a 2 hour Zumba Blast I thought it sounded like fun! And I was not disappointed! Was it worth it? The calories speak for itself…



Anjie’s first Birthday Party

Last weekend was a pretty busy weekend for us. Anjie had her first birthday party, the celebrant was a year old so is a ‘friend’ of hers and we went down to Newcastle for a baby dedication (babies babies everywhere!). So it was pretty fun! After the whole busy weekend it got me thinking what I wanted to do for Anjie’s first birthday…