working mum

Is this what long distance relationships feel like?

So hubby got a new job – Yipppeeeee!

The not so great news is the job is in London. We live in North Wales. That is over 200 miles or 3 hours drive one way. No joke.

I know some might ask why I don’t look for a job down south and move, the idea has crossed my mind but I’m not so sure…


Maternity Leave Part 2 Starts Here!

Wow! My Maternity leave starts here! It’s getting closer now…

Yesterday was my last day at work and it got a little teary for me. I primarily work in a small team with guys only so I really wasn’t expecting them to do anything for my last day but I had a lovely surprise waiting for me when I got into work! They decorated my desk and made some lovely cupcakes! I was really touched I almost disgraced myself. Thanks a lot for that guys, it means a lot 🙂


What I did last weekend – Super Working Mum Weekend Retreat!

That’s right! I went to the maiden Super Working Mum Retreat!

Last year, they had a SWM Live 1 day event which I blogged about here, so when Aloted, the lady behind SWM, talked about a small retreat later this year (for 20 ladies max) I was all for it! And it was well worth it!

The retreat was very much needed for me as its been ages since I last had some time away for myself. Hubby was all for it, bless him and AJ, well she had her twin cousins over (story for another post!) with her aunty and grandma so she pretty much didn’t even notice I was gone!



What I did last weekend – Super Working Mum Live Event

Last weekend was a pretty busy weekend, I decided to go for a working mum conference down in London with my sister and it was great fun! Anjie get to hang out with her other favourite person in the world, her daddy, and mummy got to have some me time! It doesn’t get better than that :). But that said, she actually cried when we were at the station…. Glad to know I’d be missed!


9 months and Being a Working Mum

Anjie turns 9 months today! Yippeeee. I’ve also been back at work now for just under two months, although I haven’t quite gone full time yet (that’s in October) it’s being… Interesting. I honestly can’t say it’s been fun because it hasn’t! But thankfully it gets better and easier everyday.