40 weeks! My Due Date -#Pregnancy 2

And Nothing…

Just Nothing…

I should know better really…

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you all had/are having a lovely time with family and friends.

Thought I’ll share what I’m still praying might be my last bump shoot for this pregnancy.


February - Due this month

February! I’m due this month! – 38 weeks #Pregnancy 2

Thank You Lord for another month, and what a special month it is/will be! I can officially say I’m due this month! How exciting is that 🙂

Among being the birth month for our unborn child, February is also the month I was born and our wedding anniversary month! How blessed is that? So much to be thankful for… No, we didn’t plan to have a child this month either, it just happened… So this month will always have a special place in my heart!


Pregnancy #2 – The Journey so far… 26 weeks!

This post has been a long time coming!

I knew I was going to blog about my second pregnancy and I thought I would start sooner but for some reasons it didn’t work out that way! That said, this is roughly about the same time I started blogging when I was pregnant with AJ (24 weeks) so it feels right to start now 🙂

20 weeks scan baby 2

This pregnancy has been quite different for me, primarily because I’ve got a toddler-going-on-small-madam so gone are the days when I can lazy around and just chill when I get home tired from work and all! That said, so far so good, this one has been decent. I thank God for good health and general well-being all round!


36 weeks – Busy busy Week it was!

Wow!! 36 weeks!!! This week has been pretty busy and so much has been going on! Where do I start?!

First of all, my parent are in town! All the way from Warri, Nigeria! They got in last weekend and have been at my brother’s place all week. He just graduated with a Doctorate in Human Computer Interaction! How awesome is that? So a big short out to my big bro for setting such amazing standards for his siblings to follow!

So hubby and I went over to Middlesborough for the graduation ceremony, which is just about 1.5hrs from Leeds. After the ceremony we went on to Newcastle and came back the next morning. Fortunately, we took a half day Wednesday and Thursday so didn’t have to rush back into work Thursday morning.