peppa pig

Meet Sammy the Bear from Nursery

Meet Sammy the Bear, he is from AJ’s nursery and will be staying with us for the weekend… Fun times!

Sounds surprising/shocking? Well I would have been too but thanks to Peppa Pig, we know all about this! We watched an episode (video below) where ‘Teddy playgroup’ comes to visit Peppa’s family for the weekend and he sort of gets lost at the supermarket but thankfully they find him again.

Sammy the Bear from nursery

Sammy the Bear


The end of an era – Afternoon naps & a video!

Yes, like the title implies, it looks like my baby girl is no longer a baby any more…

I don’t want to give up afternoon naps because I get to do stuff during that time, heck sometimes even I take a nap as well! But it’s been a long time coming, we have to say goodbye! I’ve even gone and told the nursery to no longer push it – she’s always one of the last kids to drop off in her class because she fights it so much and sometimes she even wins!


Bye bye Iggle piggle and Hello Peppa Pig

In the Night Garden, Anjie’s one time favourite TV show, until Peppa Pig came along that is! It was honestly long overdue!

Hubby & I have always had our reservations about Iggle piggle and his gang, lets just say we didn’t really think they passed on much knowledge and life experience to their ‘fans’. I mean, Mr & Mrs Pontipine are terrible parents! Eating all kinds of sweets and ice cream while giving their kids runny grobbles (porridge I think? not even sure what that is!) and leaving their kids outside even when its time to go back home, absolutely unbelievable! The the characters don’t really talk! Upsy Daisy is all about me me me and is sooo in love with herself but don’t get me started!