Making the Internet safe for our kids

I’m a mum and quite an open mummy blogger for that matter.

I share pictures of my family online everyday, sometimes I worry this might come back to bite me but I do try to be conscious and careful of the things I post because I know the Internet can be a big, bad and unsafe world out there and I believe being ‘aware’ is the first step.

Hubby and I are very much into technology and gadgets (well kind of) I hate to say we’re geeks (he is probably choking on his coffee now because he can’t believe I just used that word to describe us :)) but yes, we both have that tendency so I’m pretty sure Anjie and her sibling will grow up being quite ‘aware’ too. We’re not going to fight it or prevent it from happening because that’s just the way it is – heck, I’m even going to encourage it!

Sleep training 101

I’m hoping I won’t need to do this any time soon but just in case I do, where better to bookmark it then on my blog…

A nice and simple infographic on sleep training 101.

Sleep training 101
Sleep Training Graphic from Mommy Relief