Junior 1 Month later… I have been deceived!

Where do I start! I can’t believe Junior is a month old already! Don’t get me wrong, I have counted each and every single day yet here we are at one month already! It’s been quite the ride, can’t say I’ve enjoyed every single bit of it but it’s been worth it. But I have to say that this young man deceived me! He has changed from his 10 day old self


10 Days of Baby Junior – What is he like?

Baby Junior!

We had his naming ceremony last week and he came out with 14 names as is tradition! Aj had about the same so it’s no surprise! Since he was named after his grandpa AND he came out looking a lot like his daddy I’ve decided to name him Junior on my blog! So that’s where the name ‘Junior’ comes from… We’ll see if he grows up looking like his dad though!


3 weeks and Exclusive Breast Feed is Not a walk in the park!

Anjie turned 3 weeks this today! Yipppeeee! From next week we can actually start counting in months, but I think I’ll stick with the week count till about 2-3 months 🙂

Anjie’s getting darker in the skin complexion department, meaning she’s once again tilting towards her dad in terms of looks! But it’s still early days so we’ll see! Some people see her pictures and insist she looks like my mum (I’ve been told I’m a darker version of my mum as well) so its just interesting to see which way she continues to swing in the looks department!

2 weeks old – My Mind’s playing tricks on me!

This week Anjie turned two weeks! I’m not going to say it has been fun all the way cos it hasn’t but like someone rightly put it, parenthood is hard, but then you come across those moments which make it absolutely worth it, like when she smiles in her sleep (she’s doing that now, priceless! Can’t wait for the proper smile though!)

I can’t deny the fact that the sleepless nights are getting to me. It’s worst in the early hours of the morning between 5am-7am, at that time I’m just exhausted and want to sleep! The good new is that Anjie recently picked up this pattern which I hope she sticks with for a bit. She falls asleep around 8-9pm after a major feed and sleeps till 2-2.30am! Once she sleeps like that I try to hit the bed around 10pm myself cos she’s with grandma at this time.