new year

Happy New Year – in a few hours!

As the year quickly comes to an end I thought it’ll be a good idea to just say thank you to all my offline and online friends! For being there, reading, dropping comments (or not) and just sharing our lives with us.  (more…)

New Year New Look for Anjie and I – Again

Thank God for the start of another year!

What is starting to become a little trend for me it seems is to do something ‘different’ with my hair at the end of the year. Last year I had massive hair cut and got a new job, now that was pretty exciting! This year, I haven’t gotten a new job but I do have a new look, again! To be fair it’s not really a new look because I just coloured my hair, but it is quite a ‘radical’ colour (or so I’ve been told) and I LOVE it!



Happy New Year! 12 Months Jabs, New Look & Job!!

Wow! This 2013 has been amazing already! Soooo much has gone on already! So much to be thankful for! Where do I start! Well first of all this is my new look…


I figured it was time for a new break and decided to do something drastic since it was a brand new year! So a massive hair chop was done! And my goodness the freedom!! I could go on and on about it :). I don’t have to worry about what to do with my hair any more, I just get up and go! After makeup of course! While I was on the hair cutting spree I trimmed Anjie’s hair as well so it’s even all round now, I think she’s so much cuter now! (more…)