New Nursery, Breastfeeding, Sleeping and other things

Happy February everyone! This is one of my favorite months! (Although not sure Abby would agree with me!) Not only is it my birthday month AND Valentine’s, it’s also our wedding anniversary month! It doesn’t get much better than that…:D

So we’ve been settling nicely into our new home and my new job although the lack of Internet bit hasn’t been great. We’re getting to know North Wales a little bit more and really it is such a lovely country with lots of wide open countryside! We’re definitely looking forward to the summer here! But what else have we been up to?



Sleeping through and Sleep training!

Well this year seems to keep getting better and better! My little angel is finally starting to sleep through on most nights – with a little help from mummy and daddy of course…

So Anjie had been doing ok-ish late November in the sleep department, waking up like once at night to have some milk then back to sleep. I thought, this is ok, I could work with this – but then she had chickenpox and everything changed, for the worse. She started sleeping quite poorly which is to be expected considering what she was going through. It got so bad she started sleeping in our room because she was that restless at night.  (more…)

The Sunrise Baby Changing Bag from Yippydada – Product Review

So I figured it was time to get a new changing bag from the boring old Mothercare bag I first bought when we did our first baby shopping. Heaven knows why I picked such a boring black bag, oh wait, I know, I wanted something my hubby could carry as well… Now, those days are gone, now I want to go back to being a yummy mummy! So what bag did I get? This cute little thing right here