17 months! Where has my baby gone!

So my Anjie baby turns 17 months today! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone! This past few months have been pretty busy for me too – work and all, but hopefully everything should have settled down now! That is my excuse for not updating my blog as often as I would have liked over the past few months… But to more interesting news, what have we been up to?


Settling into her Room and Sitting down

So last week we moved Anjie to her own room. I have to say that although I was the one that pushed for it I was a bit worried. This is mainly because I’ll have to wake up and go to her room to feed her if when she wakes up at night – me in my sleepy state! But that said I knew it was something I wanted us to do, and the sooner the better!

All in all, I have to say it has been fun, we’re all enjoying our new found freedom! Most times…