Happy Fathers’ Day…

It’s ironic how you don’t really take note of these days (mothers’ day, fathers’ day, etc) until you actual become one. Yes, I truly appreciate my parents for all they have done in my life but since I become a mother myself I appreciate them even more. Suddenly I see and understand all the things they have done for my siblings and I and I am totally in awe of them.

But this isn’t about me, this is about fathers, because it is Fathers’ Day and I am dedicating this to my husband who became a father 6 months ago…


I am so proud that you are my husband and Anjie’s dad, and I know one day she will be totally proud to call you daddy. I might not say this a lot (but I believe I do!), but I truly appreciate everything you have done/are doing in our lives, including looking for ways to ‘make things better’ and putting a smile on both Anjie’s face and mine – something you are very good at I might add!

I appreciate how you’re always happy to help out around the house when things get a little overwhelming for me! How you happily and proudly babysit Anjie so I can have some ‘me time’ and get stuff done…

I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. There are so many ways to say thank you but sometimes words are simply not enough! God bless you my husband and we continue to pray for your success in everything you do and many more years to reap the joys of being a father. Love you loads!

To all you dads and granddaddies out there, God bless you and we truly appreciate you…


Happy birthday to My Husband, Anjie’s Daddy!

Today is my hubby’s birthday and Anjie and I agreed that since she hadn’t started talking she’d have a customised t-shirt to say ‘happy birthday’ to the most important man in her life! So this was what she got for her daddy!



Hubby absolutely loved it!

His other birthday gift was another obsession of his…