The joys of Moving house

No, I haven’t abandoned my blog, I’ve just been busy moving home to North Wales!! It’s absolutely amazing and we’re all loving it! Only down side is we won’t be getting connected online till mid March :(. And mobile Internet isn’t great. So hopefully I’ll be back to blogging better by then, goodness knows what we’ll be up to by then. Lots have already happened since but I’ll try to do some short posts here and there!

Have a great weekend everyone!


And I begin to Waddle

Well, like the title says, I have sadly begun to Waddle… How so very depressing!!

This week started like any other week except for the tiny fact that my engagement ring no longer fits! The horror!! Thank goodness my wedding ring still fits although I find that a bit strange considering they’re supposed to be the same size! Oh well… Better than nothing!

28 Week Midwife Appointment

So Friday came and I went to see the midwife. And shockingly it was a Male midwife!!

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues, (or maybe I do!) but there’s something just odd about that. In the end he was a really nice man! Answered all my questions, measured my belly (29cm, just right, thank God) and checked my blood pressure, that was great as well. So all is well with my little one and the male midwife did his job just right!