How Are We Sleeping now? 18 weeks

So we’re back from our holiday and must say, it was great except for the horrible weather, wet wet wet all through the week! Quite annoying really! But all the same, managed to see a few old friends and did a bit of shopping too so that was fun! Anije was generally great all through the week and fell in love with her uncle all over again (who I might add was so kind to allow us our first official date night, something I would definitely love to do on a regular basis but oh well…)

So what were we up to last week? And how is our sleep regression?


Did Someone Mention 4 month Sleep Regression??

OMG!!! Last night had to be one of the worst nights Anjie and I have had since she stopped being a newborn baby! I’m pretty certain she woke up at least 6 times! Twice to eat and the rest just dummy runs! That was soo not good…

I had heard a lot of December mummies talk about the 4 month sleep regression and thought I was already going through it but boy was I wrong! Now I know the difference! it doesn’t help that Anjie will be exactly 4 months tomorrow either!!