Full term

Full Term and Due This Month! Wow – 37 weeks

December 2011!!

Amazing… And just like that we’re getting ready for Christmas and the New Year! Well at least most people are… Us, we’re getting ready for the arrival of our little one! This year has been an amazing year and one I’m not going to forget in a hurry! I’m just thankful for getting to the last month and continue to pray for many more ahead…

So really since I’ve started my maternity leave what have I been up to? Not much! Well that’s not really true, I’ve been doing a bit of baby shopping, got some more clothes for the little missy, made her bed and all and started getting ready our hospital bed. Haven’t ticked everything off the list but we’re getting there :-). (more…)


36 weeks – Busy busy Week it was!

Wow!! 36 weeks!!! This week has been pretty busy and so much has been going on! Where do I start?!

First of all, my parent are in town! All the way from Warri, Nigeria! They got in last weekend and have been at my brother’s place all week. He just graduated with a Doctorate in Human Computer Interaction! How awesome is that? So a big short out to my big bro for setting such amazing standards for his siblings to follow!

So hubby and I went over to Middlesborough for the graduation ceremony, which is just about 1.5hrs from Leeds. After the ceremony we went on to Newcastle and came back the next morning. Fortunately, we took a half day Wednesday and Thursday so didn’t have to rush back into work Thursday morning.