9 months and Being a Working Mum

Anjie turns 9 months today! Yippeeee. I’ve also been back at work now for just under two months, although I haven’t quite gone full time yet (that’s in October) it’s being… Interesting. I honestly can’t say it’s been fun because it hasn’t! But thankfully it gets better and easier everyday.



Did Someone Mention 4 month Sleep Regression??

OMG!!! Last night had to be one of the worst nights Anjie and I have had since she stopped being a newborn baby! I’m pretty certain she woke up at least 6 times! Twice to eat and the rest just dummy runs! That was soo not good…

I had heard a lot of December mummies talk about the 4 month sleep regression and thought I was already going through it but boy was I wrong! Now I know the difference! it doesn’t help that Anjie will be exactly 4 months tomorrow either!!


Anjie at 16 weeks and Some Great News!

This past week as been pretty busy for me! But busy in a lovely way!

First off, my sister gave birth last week thursday to a lovely baby boy! So now you can call me Aunty Tola! We’re all so thankful because it wasn’t an easy pregnancy but God saw her through!

Also I’ve been working on a friend’s wedding website for Kenny & Voke, Voke was Abby’s best man at our wedding so it was fun doing it for them! Only wish we could be there for the wedding, but sadly can’t make it…

Anjie has been acting up a bit this past few weeks, for one thing, our routine is now a bit shaky, but on a plus she’s sleeping a bit better now, waking up just once between 7.30pm and 5.30am, which is always a good thing! I’m hoping its a growth spurt because she’s eating more during the day and sleeping less but who knows… We’ll continue to see how it goes!

Here’s Anjie at just over 15 weeks! Love the middle shot! lol…

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter and have a great week!