Junior at 2 Months – Now it’s Baby Rash

Junior turned two months over the weekend and I’m thankful to say we seem to be coming to the end of the battle with colic! Now I just pray it stays that way! But now we have another battle on our hands, an old adversary – baby rash or very dry skin :(. Just when I thought we had avoided it! (more…)

Surcare Sensitive laundry & skin care product review

If you’ve had child that had eczema as a baby and sometimes still breaks out you might have heard of this brand, and if not, now is a good time to hear about them!

When AJ was born she had a really bad case of baby rash then eczema which was painful to go through! She was generally oblivious to it but she had all the cases of really rough and dry skin, sometimes she’d have a sore which would heal then come back again! I tried a number of different products and went to the doctors/midwives a number of times and they came up with their own recommendations. Eventually, she sort of outgrew it – Thank God!

Surcare Sensitive