Goodbye to the Dummy – 10 Month

So this week aside from Anjie walking, we’ve decided to say good-bye to the dummy, even though it was a lifesaver. The nights haven’t been easy but we’re getting there… As much as I loved the dummy I’ve always had this fear at the back of my mind that she would get too attached to it if we left it too late, heard too many horror stories really! Overall she took it quite well, not missing it at all but she’s been waking up quite a bit at night looking for food! Do babies still have growth spurts at this age? Or could she just be getting more teeth?

She’s got 4 now, so cute! (I have to say it was a real struggle getting her to show the top teeth! But the bottom two are always easy…)


So what else have we been up to?

All Hail the Power of the Dummy/Pacifier

Before Anjie came into this world I never really liked dummies and pacifiers. I saw them as a way of keeping a baby/child quiet but not in a nice way if that makes sense :-). I said to myself ‘Oh I won’t use a dummy, it’s not nice blah blah’. Once again it just goes to show what I know about parenting (not much really!).

So we introduced Anjie to a dummy around 6 weeks, not long after I began bottle feeding her. Partly because there were times she would just scream her head off inconsolably and it kept her quiet for a short while. Sometimes she would take it and sometimes she won’t, but even when she took it it only worked for a short while!