And Finally we have a Walker

Just shy of 10 months our little madam decides to get on the move!

World, take cover!

Isn’t she just adorable..? 🙂

Just Pictures at 8 months

So Anjie turns 8 months today…

I’ve been quite busy with work and I have a backlog of things to write about like work and Anjie’s family fun day at the nursery. But in the mean time figured I’ll drop a quick post…


Soaking up the Sun while it lasts… In the Park

So this week we had unbelievably good weather here! I’m talking 22-24 degrees! After all the wet days it was pretty much heaven sent! So not wanting to miss out, Anjie and I went to the park and had a lovely time! But just when I was thinking of putting her on the swing for the first time she fell asleep! Lol… Oh well next time!

Here’s some pictures we took… The last one is my personal favourite 🙂