Hanging out with Cousin JJ

Last bank holiday weekend we went down to MK to visit family as we hadn’t seen them this year! Anjie loves her cousin JJ so thought it’d be fun for them to hang out a bit.

I’m sure I mentioned this a while ago but can’t remember when but anyway Anjie is still very much into her bottle so hubby and I conveniently forgot her bottle at home! We figured it’d be a good time as any to get her off her night-time milk bottle once and for all… Oh the plans of men…


Anjie with her cousins and Family

Over the last few weeks we been around family quite a bit! It’s always so nice being around family and lovely to see that Anjie loves her cousins loads, as for her grandparents? Lets just say she’s very good at doing ‘shakara‘ for them!

So I thought I’ll just put some pictures up which we’ve taken over the last few weeks in Manchester, North Wales and Scotland! In the pictures are Anjie and her cousins, JJ and Jason with grandma, grandpa, aunties and uncle! It’s been fun fun fun…


Anjie’s first sleep over

Yes yes, I know right! my little girl is already having sleep overs! I could cry right now… 🙂

It wasn’t anything major though. We had to attend Abby’s company Christmas party down south near Birmingham and it was going to be an overnight do. Seeing as Grandma had gone we had to think, should hubby go without me or could we drop Anjie off with someone..?

11 months – Meet Cousin JJay & Grandma leaves

So Anjie turned 11 months on Wednesday! Less than a month to go! Where has my little baby gone! She’s grown up so fast! I’m just so thankful for her everyday! I know she’s going to be an extremely smart and intelligent lady when she grows up! And I’m not just saying that as a proud mum! Lol…
And here’s the little madam on the move as you can see. She let me done a small weave on her hair as well. Just wish she would stay still a little longer though so it would have been nicer! She was getting ready for nursery here, hence the rucksack!


Getting closer to December, Birthday and Christmas!

So we’ve been really quite busy at home… so busy I haven’t had time blog! Shame on me… Work is getting pretty busy plus we’ve had family over a bit. That’s right, Anjie has met another one of her cousins from her dad’s side! And yes, it is official, Anjie loves babies and kids. It was lovely to watch her play with her cousin Jayden, his a month younger than her though so she was doing more of the playing but it was great 🙂