Baby acne

Junior at 2 Months – Now it’s Baby Rash

Junior turned two months over the weekend and I’m thankful to say we seem to be coming to the end of the battle with colic! Now I just pray it stays that way! But now we have another battle on our hands, an old adversary – baby rash or very dry skin :(. Just when I thought we had avoided it! (more…)

5 weeks and we introduced something new!

So my booboo turned 5 weeks this week! She’s growing bigger and bigger and can officially be called an ‘orobo’ which means ‘fat person’ in Yoruba but in this case we’ll go for chubby baby 🙂

After about two weeks of battling baby acne, it is clearing up, thank God! Went to the doctors on Thursday and they gave us Oilatum Junior Moisturising cream and Bathing liquid to use twice a day and whenever we bath her and I’ve already started seeing improvements! Her skin is not as dry as it used to look so they means it’s working well! Hopefully before the week runs out she’ll have the skin of well, a baby again! (more…)