40 weeks

40 + 5 - Baby where are you?

40 + 5 weeks – Baby, where are you? #Pregnancy 2

I realise now that Aj spoilt me…

I had given birth by this time so it’s quite strange to find I’m still pregnant at 40 + 5 weeks. All things considered, it’s still ‘early’ days as I’ve still got at least 5 – 7 days to go before I can get induced but it really does seem odd as I always thought the second and subsequent babies would come earlier and quicker – I stand corrected!



40 weeks! My Due Date -#Pregnancy 2

And Nothing…

Just Nothing…

I should know better really…

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you all had/are having a lovely time with family and friends.

Thought I’ll share what I’m still praying might be my last bump shoot for this pregnancy.


40 weeks today and oh yeah, it’s My Due Date

So the 18th has come… The much awaited due date! Not sure what I expected to feel really, but I can tell you now it’s pretty much like any other day! I’ve got the usual Braxton hicks and period cramps but nothing solid still.

However, on a positive note, I had a bloody show this evening! That’s the mucus plug from my cervix thingy! This means my baby girl is getting ready to make an appearance! Would have loved for her to show on her due date so I can say she’s a right-on-time kinda gal but that might not be (that said, say what say what, anything can happen, the night is still young!). (more…)