39 weeks

39 weeks! Grandma is back in town – #Pregnancy 2

Yippeeeee! Now, I can officially say we’re ready for this baby ūüôā

All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go… but I don’t feel like this baby is rather to make an appearance though!

Plus it seems like I still haven’t dropped based on my picture, although I looked about the same thing last time, only bigger! My parents were also in town already this time with Aj at 39 weeks! So we decided to mix it up this time and invite¬†my¬†mother-in-law¬†over instead! It should be fun, especially as she’ll be here for a few months! Another person for Aj to harass with her chatter – yes, we’re getting to that stage with the little madam, she’s absolutely hilarious!


Well still waiting… 39 weeks

Well, it’s week 39 now and I’m still waiting…

You would think that since I’m on my maternity leave I would have more time to myself and this would translate to more time to blog and all! That’s a yes and no… I do have more time to myself but that’s just what I’ve been doing – spending more ‘me’ time and catching up on lots of rest and relaxation! After all, these are my last days of freedom! (more…)