Switching Childcare for a Toddler – Pros and Cons

Switching Childcare for a Toddler – Pros and Cons

Once I found out I was pregnant again I knew a number of things were going to have to change, one of them was AJ’s childcare nursery. I was very nervous about this because I felt AJ had made friends there; she was going to parties and doing things in her class. She’d would even come home and talk about her friends in school so I was really torn about making the switch.

When we moved to North Wales, it was a bit of a whirlwind move. I had started working in Wales before we moved so was still commuting from Leeds working 2 days in the office and 3 days at home. During my two days in Wales I spent it hunting for nurseries around the area. Hubby and I had come down a few times to house hunt but that was during weekends so nurseries weren’t open then. So when I found a nursery right next to my office that was literally heaven sent! It was one of those known nursery with branches across the UK so after some research and checking the place out during my lunch I didn’t even both looking at other nurseries, we took it. And thankfully AJ had a blast there; we had no issues with the place what so ever – I even blogged about her settling in here.

Close to 2 years later – AJ will be having a sibling and I’ll be going on maternity leave for close to a year. The thought of ‘driving to work’ to drop AJ off at the nursery just doesn’t sit well with me or hubby.

So we began the search for a new nursery, one closer to home this time. Don’t get me wrong, a nursery close to work has its benefits but so does one close to home! I’ve been blessed in that my office is about 8 miles away from house but on sick days or my personal holidays (yes, I’m one of those mums who drop their kids off while I go home to relax if I’m on holiday! After all, I’ve paid for those days at the nursery!) it just seems so far so a close to home nursery is great on such days.

There are days when the nursery has called me because AJ had issues settling in (during her early days), had injured herself or was poorly, it’d only taken me 2 minutes to pick her up and take her home because she’s that close to my office. I will definitely miss such benefits but they were few and far between, thankfully.

In the end, when we moved AJ to the nursery closer to home she was perfectly fine. She had a few settling half days and was quite happy with the new place. Yes, she still names her friends from her old place but she’s happy here too. She always has a smile on her face when I go pick her up and for me, that’s all the confirmation I need. Plus its 3 miles away from home AND cheaper than her old place!

Kids really will be just fine and we need to stop worrying so much about them, hubby says this to me all the time and I guess I really should just listen more :).

Here are some of the things I consider when looking at childcare nurseries. Interestingly, our requirements haven’t changed that much since the first time we went nursery hunting when AJ was just a baby!

Childcare Nursery Checklist


Do your kids go to a childminder/nursery/crèche? Which have you found works better for you? What else is on your nursery check list?


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4 comments on “Switching Childcare for a Toddler – Pros and Cons

  1. I hear ya and totally understand. We’ve been blessed with an AWESOME day time nanny who our daughter absolutely loves. But I know the time will come when we have to start looking at daycare (Nurseries) and eventually kindergarten. For now, I do enjoy the flexibility we have from having someone come to our home because even when our little one is sick, I don’t have to take time off work.
    I like your check list though. Will keep that in mind for future use since I currently work about an 75-minutes from home and hubby works 45-minutes in a different direction. We’ll have to figure that one out when the time comes.

  2. Ofsted reports, cost of sessions, review from online sources? Tola, u got a naija mum living closer to ogun state that lagos state completely lost, however good one on d memoirs, I soaked it all up from AJ to ur on-the-way baby *smiles. My 2nd baby turned 3 months today) , wish I was as consistent as you in writing, it’ll have been a bestseller *in my dreams, yeah, but I wanted to ask what age AJ went to daycare /nursery ?

    • Tokz!! Thanks for the comment and stopping by! And congrats on your 2nd baby, think I missed that one! I know childcare in Naija is a different ball game completely, so I’ll leave the experts like you to tell me about it! Aj first started part time at the nursery when she was about 7 months then went full time at about 9 month as I went back to work full time as well.

      Trust me, I’m not always as consistent as I would like myself, but the plan is to just take it one day at a time – at least that’s what I tell myself! x

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