Swimming lessons with a toddler – Success!!

Last week I blogged about Anjie starting her swimming lessons which was a disaster – partly my fault really! So to make sure I knew where I was going and didn’t get late this time I went on a re-con mission a couple of days before the swimming lesson and it took me only about 15 mins to get there! That works perfectly for me as I close 4pm, make a dash to pick Anjie and arrive at the swimming pool with about 10mins to change and get ready for the class!


We started off by singing kid songs and splashing about in the pool. Initially Anjie didn’t want to get into the pool, it has steps so I tried to make her walk down the steps into the water. She took a few steps and once it was time to actually get into the pool she wasn’t having it! She kept stretching her hands and insisting I carry her so I did and in we went! She still wasn’t too keen but we started singing songs which she loved and after about 5 mins she forgot about the tears and actually started taking part in the activities!

I’ve always wondered what kind of activities would take place at a swimming lessons for a toddler, a part of me didn’t really think it was worth the money but now I’m glad I took the chance and paid for it! For me, I see it as an introduction to swimming and generally building kids water confidence. We met an almost 3-year-old girl who apparently has been swimming for about a year and she’s absolutely fearless in the pool, she jumps in and out of the pool herself! I can’t wait for the day when Anjie actually loves swimming!

So some of the activities we did were ‘tiger arms’ which really is the introduction to the basic hand stroke in swimming. I liked how Kim, the trainer, made it a fun thing and the names for the different activities, kids love that kind of thing! We did loads of galloping using the float hoops (which Anjie loved) and moving along the railings by themselves using their arms and feet to stay balanced – still work in progress with this on. Lastly, we got the toddlers to jump into the water from a floating board – now I couldn’t quite get Anjie to do this but we’ll get there!

Overall, I was really proud and impressed with the progress Anjie made today, considering it was her first ‘proper class’! I think it really helped having a different mix of toddlers at different swimming levels in the class – I think it encourages the more timid kids to be more adventurous. As time goes on I’d imagine we’ll also make friends with some of the other mums and toddlers too! So yes, I’m very happy with the swimming lessons.

This week I got to take a couple of quick photos after the swimming class. Not keen on taking my phone into the pool to get more pictures but I’d see if I can get some off Kim as we go along!

I can now say Anjie and I are looking forward to the next swimming lesson! I hope I haven’t jinxed it now! 🙂

Plus I finally got around to doing ‘dreadlocks’ for Anjie – the hair didn’t last very long though! Just wish she would sit still long enough to actually do a proper weave/braid… Oh well!


You all have a lovely week!


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