Survey Request for Parents

A master’s student at the University of Warwick reached out to me about a project she is working on and will really appreciate your help in filling out a survey. Here’s what she requests:
I am working on an MSc dissertation project at the University of Warwick, testing parental day-care concerns and extracurricular club enrolment for children ages 0-5 in the UK.

To aid in data collection for this research, I have put together a survey, which is open to all parents with children ages 0-5 in the UK. The survey is anonymous and confidential, and will take only 10 minutes of your time.

I will really appreciate it if you could fill out this survey so that the data collected is comprehensive and representative.

Please see the survey link below

The survey deadline is Saturday, 15th, August 2015.

Finally, please contact me at if you have any questions or concerns about the request.

Your help will be very much appreciated.




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