Surcare Sensitive laundry & skin care product review

Surcare Sensitive laundry & skin care product review

If you’ve had child that had eczema as a baby and sometimes still breaks out you might have heard of this brand, and if not, now is a good time to hear about them!

When AJ was born she had a really bad case of baby rash then eczema which was painful to go through! She was generally oblivious to it but she had all the cases of really rough and dry skin, sometimes she’d have a sore which would heal then come back again! I tried a number of different products and went to the doctors/midwives a number of times and they came up with their own recommendations. Eventually, she sort of outgrew it – Thank God!

Surcare Sensitive

When Surcare got in touch with me to review their products my first thought was, where were you when I was trying and testing so many different products for my poor baby? But oh well, better late than never… 🙂

I was sent some laundry washing liquid, softener and body cream all for sensitive skin and so far it’s been great! I still use a number of sensitive products for AJ out of habit so this still works for me. I also got a cute bath robe and soft toy which I’ll be saving for the future Omoniyi dynasty as its too small for AJ now.

The laundry & skin care products didn’t leave any perfume behind which is always great when dealing with baby/sensitive skin and generally felt nice and light to the skin so I’ll be quite happy to try this again in future.

Only thing I’m not very sure of is it’s availability in the supermarkets. I’ll be having a look to see if they’re available in my local Tesco/Asda and that’ll be another plus in my books!

Overall, a pretty good product for those with very sensitive skin and I would recommend it to those still trying to find a product that works best for their skin.

Hope you’re all enjoy the lovely weather and have a good week!



I was sent the above products for free to review on my blog – thoughts are my own.

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2 comments on “Surcare Sensitive laundry & skin care product review

  1. Hi Tola! I see AJ is now a big girl o :-). This eczema thing is actually very common with black/African babies for some weird reason. My daughter had a bad case earlier on too and after trying aqueous cream and everything else under the sun, the doctors recommended Aveeno and it worked. Only problem is whenever the cream finishes, the rash always comes back which is slightly irritating as that means we’re stuck with it.
    Will check this one out, sounds good.
    Hope Wales is just as hot as London? x

    • Hi Fadekemi! She is oh! Haha! Yeah Aveeno was a life saver for us as well, I’ve still got tons of the product lying around infact! Wales is no where as bad o! Went to London a couple of weeks ago and goodness it was HOT!! :). Thanks for stopping by x

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