Standon Calling Festival 2016 Happened!

Last weekend we went for the Standon Calling festival and it was very interesting! Had a shakey start but the finish was great fun all round!

Officially the festival was on from Friday the 29th till Sunday the 31st of July but we could only go on Saturday, what with work and other family comittements.

As I mentioned here, this was my first family festival so I was really curious to attend it and see what it was like and I wasn’t disappointment!

We arrived around 1.30pm on Saturday and the car park was pretty much already filled out!

Standon Calling Festival Parking

As I was part of the ‘press team’ I needed to pick up my ticket from a seperate office so had to take the back entrance literally and this was where the trouble started! Took us close to an hour to find this Accreditation office, my goodness! We drove/walked around the field, asked a number of people who didn’t know where it was or wasn’t sure! We finally found a couple of people in our situation and we all found the ‘underbelly’ entrance as hubby called it! It would have been nicer if there were more signs and people who knew the directions better!

Somebody loves dancing!! #standoncalling #standoncallingfestival @standoncalling

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Once we got through the gates it was fun all the way! The theme this year was Pirates and Sea Monsters apparently so there were lots of people in costumes from pirates to mermaids and sea monsters and animals it was so colourful! The atmosphere was just so exciting and noisy!

There were lots of festival food to go round, the usual pizza, burgers, fries, smoothies, ice cream, mexican, japanese, italian, etc! We stuffed ourselves silly then went for walks to get on the kiddies rides, face painting/drawing, dancing competition and music – there was so much music!


We listened to a number of live performances which was pretty awesome! It pained me that I didn’t get to see Jess Glynne but she wasn’t going to perform before 10pm (!!!), I knew that definitely wasn’t meant for me and the kids!

There was a camping site right next to the festival with loads of tents setup with families and young adults a like – I wonder if we’ll ever get around to camping like that – it did look like fun, so maybe we’ll try that when Junior is a little older…

We left when it started getting dark just before 9pm and shockingly the crowd was actually just getting bigger! I can’t imagine what it must have looked like after we left!

It was interesting seeing the different mix of people at the festival – from the young family with babies and kids like us to the young teenagers that I’m assuming came with their friends because I didn’t see their parents anywhere! Then the slightly older singles in groups probably home from uni and working – All ages were pretty much accounted for! People were dressed (or undressed) in various colourful costumes and outfits with makeup to go with it. It made me think about my teenage-hood years back in Naija and I knew there was NO WAY my folks would ever let me go for something like this! It just wasn’t happening, whether with them coming along (in my dreams) or with my friends… How life changes things…


All in all, it was an amazing festival, AJ was crying when we left – she had way too much fun and I would definitely love to go again and spend more time! I would also love the thought of camping but I’m not sure if I’ve gotten to that stage in my trying out new experiences yet…

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by!


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    • Haha!! I know exactly what you mean! There’s definitely no way I would have been able to attend with folks like mine too! Thanks for stopping by Ifeoma x

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