Soaking up the Sun while it lasts… In the Park

So this week we had unbelievably good weather here! I’m talking 22-24 degrees! After all the wet days it was pretty much heaven sent! So not wanting to miss out, Anjie and I went to the park and had a lovely time! But just when I was thinking of putting her on the swing for the first time she fell asleep! Lol… Oh well next time!

Here’s some pictures we took… The last one is my personal favourite 🙂





Next time I’m sure hubby will be with us to enjoy the sun! He was pretty envious!

Oh and we weighed Anjie this week, she is following the 75th growth curve nicely at 7.23kg at 5 months! You go girl! 🙂

Weaning is also coming along nicely, half of the porridge still comes out but it’s getting in, and she’s getting better at it everyday! She even gets excited about it and throws a little tantrum when the spoon doesn’t get into her mouth fast enough! Cheeky little missy!

Next stop, puréed fruits… Maybe next week though!

Still waiting for her to figure out how to crawl and we’ve started fighting sleep again. Now she only naps for about 30-45mins during the day and is slowly pushing her night routine to sleeping around 8.30-9pm. Thinking it might be all this bright daylight even when it is 8pm. I’ve just invested in a blackout blind to see if it will help. She’s also waking up as early as 5-5.30am so hopefully the blinds should do something about this… I pray…

You all have a great weekend and enjoy the sun while it’s out! I know we will!

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