Sleeping with a 4 and almost 1 year old

Hmmmmmm! Who would have thought that sleeping would be one of the more interesting things in my parenting life! Abby says every night is an adventure in our household and he is NOT wrong! We do musical chairs beds and really just hope for the best! It really is quite funny and of course, frustrating on some nights!

So what really happens at night?

For one thing, Aj likes to think of herself as a night owl! I don’t know if it comes with the age or what but she doesn’t like sleeping! I think she fears she’ll miss something if she falls asleep – she gets that from her daddy cos I love my sleep wayyy to much! If you gave her the chance, she would be up till 11-12am and will still be rearing to go by 7-7.30am! I don’t know how she does it! The good thing is she’s very good at amusing herself when she wakes up that early on a weekend so I can live with that.



Junior on the other hand, well it depends on if he’s going through a growth spurt or development (which seems to happen more times than I’d believe possible!) or has a cold. He loves cuddles and doesn’t do very well on his own. Yes, I might have spoilt him by getting the Next to me cot which I absolutely loved and he did too apparently!

The nighttime routine starts around 6.30pm when I give them a bath, story time and prayers. I would love to say they both sit quietly and listen to mummy telling the story but that is a big lie! They both play around me and just do their thing. I know Aj’s listening though because she remembers bits of the story so that’s fine for me! Junior sometimes comes over to turn the page too which is cute.

After everything it’s usually about 7.15-7.30pm when I switch off the lights then breastfeed Junior to sleep (or bottlefeed depending on if I’ve breastfed him earlier) then he goes into his cot. Around this time Aj is chilling on her bed (they share a room together) playing with a toy or ‘reading’ with the night light. Once Junior goes to sleep I have to chill with madam or else she will leave the room and ask for everything in the kitchen, even though she knows the ‘kitchen is closed’ and all she can have is water.

If it’s a good night everyone is in bed by about 8-8.15pm and not so good nights when madam gets upset about sleeping we’re talking 9-10pm! All this time I have to use white noise in the room so Aj’s chatter doesn’t disturb Junior’s sleep.

IMG_0934Junior usually wakes up around 10pm for food on a good day, sometimes earlier. I feed him again and that gets him back to sleep quicker than just chilling with him – at this time he might move to Aj’s bed. If I want to watch Netflix and chill with hubby then Junior stays in the room with his sister until I’m ready for bed then at some point he joins me on our bed and that’s when he sleeps happily, only waking up once or twice between 11-7am and goes back to sleep without feeding.

Aj on the other hand wakes up around 3-4am and then comes looking for her daddy because she knows mummy won’t have her time and then she drags him to her room to end the night or else we won’t get any sleep again. When she wants me in particular then daddy gets relegated to the kids rooms, alone, and then the kids and I all sleep together on our bed.

It’s crazy! I know at some point we have to do sleep training but I admit I love the baby cuddles at night so I guess I’m not quite ready for sleep training… But I do look forward to sleeping through the night though – I can only dream…

What’s the night time routine like in your house? 


8 comments on “Sleeping with a 4 and almost 1 year old

  1. I had to get over my need for the cuddles when I realized I was the one interrupting my child’s chances of becoming a good sleeper (and affecting intimacy with hubs). I noticed a huge difference in my child’s mood (and my mood too!) and appetite when they got a full night of sleep, as opposed to an interrupted one. So I took my husband’s advice, “manned up” and did the sleep training. Haven’t looked back since. My nine month old started sleeping from 7pm to 7am as a result.
    And don’t let me even mention how it improved my relationship with hubby. 🙂

    • Thanks for the encourage C! I know what you mean about the manning up bit. I guess I find it a little overrated as Aj who was ‘sleep trained’ fell back into waking up at night again after Jr arrived! I’ve found that it’s not always perfect and it does affect each child differently. We’ll see how it goes though! X

  2. My gosh, I feel like I just had a premonition of my life except that my son is not even sleep trained at all. As a matter of fact we still co-sleep so I can just picture us all sleeping in one massive bed if I don’t make some changes NOW. What an adventure with two kids?! I am anxious about the whole thing.

    • Awww c’mon! Don’t be anxious about it! It’s only for a time really and they’ll be all grown before you know it! I’d say just go with the flow and do what works best for you guys. Since baby would be in a cot it won’t be so bad, initially lol! After that, it’ll definitely be an adventure! x

  3. Ah, that’s too much especially since you have to get up for work in the morning.
    I am not a person who loves napping/sleeping but my sleep pattern has definitely gotten worse. I can’t even complain anymore. Sleep training went well for a while until I wasn’t consistent with the routine when we spend couple of nights away from home. Lol, bed time is such a mess now. When I take him to bed sleepy, five minutes later he his whining & I try to pat him back to sleep. When it’s unsuccessful, I bring him to my bed and there have been times when I sleep before he does. Smh

    • Hahaaa! That’s when you know how tired you – when you sleep before baby! It’s one of those things isn’t it! We definitely do need to get our lives back! Just need to get the routine back on track and stick to it! Eventually… some day… x

  4. Thnk goodness im nt d only one who loves d cuddles.felt i was d only mum in d dis sleep training business rrreeeAally necessary??i love cuddling up with Timi n hubby jt finds a way to join d mix…its soooo awesome…do i reeaallyy hv to???!!! *pout!!

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