Sleeping through and Sleep training!

Well this year seems to keep getting better and better! My little angel is finally starting to sleep through on most nights – with a little help from mummy and daddy of course…

So Anjie had been doing ok-ish late November in the sleep department, waking up like once at night to have some milk then back to sleep. I thought, this is ok, I could work with this – but then she had chickenpox and everything changed, for the worse. She started sleeping quite poorly which is to be expected considering what she was going through. It got so bad she started sleeping in our room because she was that restless at night. 

After the chickenpox cleared my little madam continued sleeping in our room or at least joining us half way through the night! It wasn’t fun at all! Somewhere along the line hubby and I said enough! We had to get our bedroom back! So during the holiday season while we were all at home relaxing (after her birthday of course) we decided to do a little bit of sleep training!

We didn’t have the heart to do the Crying out method so went with the controlled crying instead. Its funny but we didn’t really go out reading about the different methods, we really just had an idea of what we wanted to do and went with what felt right and later realized it had a name!

So basically, we did the usual night routine food, then bath and cuddles then reading to her in her cot with her last bottle for the night. Once we finish that we switch of the light and lay her down in her cot and pat her to sleep. My daughter was miserable for the first 3 nights, crying crying and crying, even though we were in the room with her but we never picked her out of her cot, just soothing and patting her back/tummy while still being firm about it being bedtime. And Anjie has an amazing cry – it’s an angry and passionate cry, very very strong and can go on for an hour consistently; trust me, I would know!

But thankfully, after about 5 days she started sleeping by herself! Most time we wait for her to fall asleep by herself before we leave the room completely. The not so good thing is she still uses a bottle for her night feed, so once that stops I’m sure we’ll have another struggle, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Right now I’m just thankful to be getting a full night’s sleep without having to wake up! It’s all a gradual process and we’re learning everyday but I have to say, it was actually easier than we thought it would be. So thank God for that and glad we did it too!

So here’s to a good night sleep tonight and pray I haven’t jinxed it by talking about it…

Have a great weekend everyone!


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